Author: Milton Jones

Ghana Reflections: Energy to Inspire

When I think about my recent visit to Ghana, I am challenged to think how this visit inspires me to act and make change. I am most inspired to apply my work in improving energy access to the Ghanaian community. I am currently working to develop a startup to deploy … Read more 

Ghana on the ground: Entrepreneurship: Survival or Scalable?

During my travels to various schools and businesses, it has been a pleasure to embrace the history, traditions, cultures and spirit of the Ghanaian people. However, the most intriguing part of my journey has been witnessing the drive and passion of numerous small businesses lined up along and within the … Read more 

Pre-Trip Blog #1

Here are some key topics that I’ve learned about Ghana and Ivory Coast as I’ve prepared for my upcoming West Africa Study Tour, in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and education:
• Business
o Ghana
 Abundant natural resources: 13.6 M hectares of arable land for crops and livestock Agriculture accounts for more than ¼ of … Read more