Author: Shweta Suresh

Returning to Cape Coast is a Moving Journey

The air inside the small, dark room is thin and musty, making it difficult to breathe—especially when there are more than twenty MIT Sloan students crammed inside, competing for oxygen. Our guide disappears for a few seconds and we hear the sound of a switch flipping. The room plunges into … Read more 

Revolutionizing Agriculture in Ghana, One Farmer at a Time

We are twenty-odd Sloan students standing in a moringa field, forming a staggered circle around a young Ghanaian man. The sound of a drone buzzing above us catches our attention, and we turn our eyes towards it, squinting in the midday sunlight as we watch it fly.
Sam Sali—who is extremely … Read more 

Off to Accra and Abidjan!

I’m only a few hours away from getting on a plane to Accra and I am so excited to finally start this journey!
The past few weeks have challenged me to think over many interesting questions: How do humans learn? What is the best way to educate our children? How do … Read more