Author: Vrussell

How we Interact with African Countries

Since the return from Ghana, I’ve been trying to process my biggest takeaways from the experience.
1. The perceptions about Africa in the US are truly unfortunate. As with other underrepresented groups in the US, we as allies can create platforms for better representation.
Because of what we’re shown in the media, … Read more 

Welcoming the Sensory Experience of Ghana

Stepping out of the airport and into the humid night of Accra, I stopped to inhale the distinct, earthy air all around me. I looked into the beautiful, black smiling faces – a throng of at least 100 men and boys holding signs welcoming incoming visitors from all over the … Read more 

A Calling Home – West Africa Study Tour Part I

Growing up in America, as a descendant of slaves brought to the “New World”, the region of West Africa seemed a distant, unknown land for the majority of my life. It wasn’t a place I learned about in school. It wasn’t a place that I saw in the media. Like … Read more