Education Technology in Ghana+Ivory Coast

In my last semester at MIT Sloan, I had the fortunate opportunity to join the West Africa Study Tour. This is a trip where we spend two weeks in Ghana and Ivory Coast to learn about the education landscape and technology entrepreneurship in these two countries.

This trip is special to me because of a few reasons. For one, I have a background in technology and startups. I spent January with the G-Lab program in Chile to learn about the startup ecosystems there. This Study Tour is a great opportunity for me to understand how other countries build a startup community. Secondly, many studies have shown that education system shapes a country’s economic development. Understanding how technology can enable this will have a significant impact in our future. Lastly, my fiancé is a elementary school teacher. This is an opportunity for me to learn more about her world.

In the 6 weeks leading up to this trip, our study tour group met once a week to study key areas including entrepreneurship, education systems, and educational technology. One of my key learning is that there are a lot of common challenges between Ghana/Ivory Coast and other developing countries like Brazil and areas in China. Specifically, when building a startup ecosystem, there are many pieces to the puzzle (talent, attitude, finance) that requires huge investment and time to develop.

During my time in the country, I most look forward to speaking with local entrepreneurs in Ghana and Ivory Coast. I am very curious to find out how optimistic/pessimistic they are about the future, and what they think is the best way to address the issues they currently face.

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