Ivan Leung

An executive education class on sustainability and business inspired Ivan Leung to help his company switch to 100% renewable solar energy.

This past summer, Ivan Leung’s company, CDR Systems, switched to one hundred percent renewable solar energy. The idea came about after he took the MIT Sloan executive education class “Strategies for Sustainable Business.”

The class really changed my perspective,” says Ivan, Senior Manager of Corporate Services. “John Sterman and Jason Jay really inspired me.

CDR Systems designs and manufactures patient positioning systems and associated consumables to radiation oncology centers. Before moving to solar, the Calgary-based company purchased electricity in the AESO with 83% coming from fossil fuels.

“We’re not yet sure how many MWh we’ll produce yearly, but based on what we’ve produced so far, and with Calgary being the sunniest city in Canada, we’re confident it will cover almost all of our energy needs—if not one hundred percent.”

Ivan is confident CDR’s investment in solar will pay off and add to the bottom line, but he also believes it will pay other dividends.

“When I began to discuss with my president the possibility of using solar energy,” Ivan says. “I provided my inputs on how it would benefit the environment, improve company culture, and sharpen our visions and values.”  

Ivan says the solar project has already energized employees and bolstered the company’s culture.

“A big part of our culture is innovation,” Ivan says. “Green energy differentiates us and feeds into our brand as an innovator. And this is just the beginning of our sustainability journey. If we expand our operations in the future, we for sure will implement green energy on the new establishment as well.”

When asked what he’d tell other companies considering whether or not to go solar, Ivan is quick to reply: “Go for it!”