Bridge over the ocen with a glowing dollar at the end representing economic recovery
Ideas Made to Matter Finance

Analysts expect COVID-19 will affect top companies until 2022

A new study shows analysts are expecting negative earnings growth this year. After 2022, they expect the situation to stabilize.

May 21, 2020
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A photoillustration of TIAA CEO Roger Ferguson
Ideas Made to Matter My Idea Made to Matter

This CEO gets ideas from ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’

New ideas at TIAA are developed ‘outside in,’ ‘inside out,’ and with a purpose — financial well-being and retirement security for the organization’s clients.

May 13, 2020
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A picture of a medical mask with a pattern of a world map on it, representing people worldwide taking measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Ideas Made to Matter Leadership

Confronting coronavirus: Insight from MIT Sloan

Managing in a pandemic requires knowledge and foresight. These articles examine what’s next for the economy, remote work, and an innovative vaccine.

Apr 10, 2020
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a wall calendar with colorful pins in it, meant to represent earnings timing
Ideas Made to Matter Finance

When companies report earnings, going first helps

Research shows firms that report early in the earnings queue earn more media coverage, heightened attention from investors, and a bump in trading volume.

Apr 7, 2020
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An illustration of two stopwatches and an archery target with a few visual elements of the coronavirus, representing the race to a vaccine.
Ideas Made to Matter Health Care

How Moderna is racing to a coronavirus vaccine

Moderna’s CEO explains how the firm fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine development, and how a public-private partnership could make future work even faster.

Apr 3, 2020
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man facing a rollercoaster with his hand on his head, symbolizing stock market confusion
Ideas Made to Matter Finance

To navigate the current markets, look back to 2008 — and 1918

Markets will eventually recover, but the trick is knowing when, an MIT Sloan finance professor says.

Mar 19, 2020
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An illustration of Addiko Bank AG's Markus Perschl.
Ideas Made to Matter My Idea Made to Matter

A bias for Agile, and a refusal to stay inside (the bank)

Markus Perschl seeks rapid iteration in an industry known for steadiness.

Mar 11, 2020
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A graph with a building superimposed, meant to signify CAPM valuation on Wall Street
Ideas Made to Matter Finance

Research finds CAPM can cause significant valuation errors

Finance professionals using the CAPM model to price their takeover targets may want to update their methodology. New research shows valuation errors are not uncommon.

Mar 5, 2020
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blue and pink silhouettes of heads overlap in opposing directions, meant to represent innovative thinking
Ideas Made to Matter Knowledge Management

3 from MIT make Thinkers50 Radar list

Thinkers50 recognizes business thought leaders from around the world. Here are the MIT members who are part of the Radar Class of 2020.

Feb 6, 2020
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person in profile riding a bicycle with wheels made of various coin currencies
Ideas Made to Matter

5 predictions on the future of financial regulation

Three veteran policymakers on cryptocurrencies, fintechs, and the fate of commercial banks.

Dec 17, 2019
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