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General Questions

Are Action Learning Labs required for all MBA students?

All MBA students are required to take the core subject Organizational Processes (OP), which includes an Action Learning component. All Action Learning Labs are electives for MBA students; however, for some programs, such as the Executive MBA or the Master of Finance program, one or more Action Learning Labs may be required.

How many students take Action Learning courses?

There are approximately 500 seats per year available for elective Action Learning Lab courses. About 75% of all MBA students take at least one Lab course, and 44% take two or more Labs.

How many faculty members participate in Action Learning Labs?

More than 30 faculty members participate in Action Learning Labs per academic year as either instructors, team mentors, or both.

How many companies or other types of organizations participate in Action Learning Labs?

Approximately 125 host organizations participate each year. About 20% of these groups are repeat hosts.

Who covers students' costs during an off-campus Action Learning project?

Host companies pay for team members' airfare and lodging. Students are required to pay for all other expenses they incur, including food, transportation, evening and weekend tourism, visas, vaccinations and immunizations, and communication expenses, such as phone calls and FedEx, before, during, and after the trip.

NOTE: In a small number of cases, the Action Learning program may agree to subsidize some travel costs. If this is the case for your team, we will discuss it with you directly,

How much time are students expected to work on Action Learning Lab projects?

During the on-campus phase, students should plan to spend approximately 10–12 hours per week working on their projects. While teams are on site with their host companies, they are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

How does the Action Learning program recruit host companies?

Company recruiting takes place through multiple channels, including faculty networks, the Endeavor Global entrepreneur network, and connections with Sloan and MIT alumni. The strong relationships built with former host companies and repeat clients—as well as positive word-of-mouth—are also important resources.

When do you start recruiting companies for the labs?

Recruiting for fall labs begins in June. Spring lab recruiting begins in October.

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