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The quiet discrimination of microinequities

MIT Sloan’s Mary Rowe discusses systems for mitigating conflict in organizations.

Robot-proof your job

New research shows ‘initiative’ is the skill that matters most.

Three new undergraduate majors and minors

Students can pursue a degrees in management, business analytics, or finance.

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Expert Insights

Stephanie Liu: Rethinking the business of biases

A new crop of startups is working to balance the scales in the tech industry.

Nilanjana Bhattacharyya: A tour of Bay Area tech

Visiting Uber, Airbnb, and others on an MIT Sloan Tech Trek.

Daena Giardella: Secrets of celebrity companies

Six ways famous people parlay success into entrepreneurship.

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Webinar: The importance of big data for health care organizations

Results from a multi-year project at 33 health centers with 1.3 million patients.


Dean’s Innovative Leader Series: Thomas E. Perez

The U.S. Secretary of Labor speaks with students.


MIT Sloan Healthcare and Bioinnovations Conference

Explore how strategic use of data and analytics is changing the future of the industry.


Shaping the future of work: A Q&A with Thomas Kochan

MIT Sloan professor talks “high road” businesses and the need for a new social contract.

Eight new health care ideas from MIT

Teams are preparing prototypes for the MIT $100K Accelerate competition.

Can socially conscious investing save the world’s fisheries?

MBA student Javier Fuentes worked on plan for sustainable fishing management.