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Information for Host Organizations

Click here to complete the host questionnaire. Due date: August 21, 2017.

The benefits of becoming a Host Organization

For more than 12 years, MIT Sloan’s Action Learning Lab teams have provided high-impact insight and analysis, on an extremely cost-effective basis, to hundreds of organizations. Our student teams focus on specific issues host organizations are facing and work to find solutions that can be implemented concretely, quickly and efficiently.

Our Action Learning programs are life changing—for the students who participate, the companies with whom they work, and the people across the world who are influenced by the groundbreaking project work that is part of every Action Learning endeavor.

Student teams

As a direct result of Action Learning Labs’ legacy of success and impact, the courses attract MIT’s best students. Each H-Lab team is typically comprised of four MIT students representing a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, from management consulting and financial services to engineering and operations.

The project calendar

Teams work with their host organizations on a four-month project engagement. Potential host organizations submit online questionnaires from June through August. In the questionnaire, potential hosts describe the scope of the challenges they are facing and the solutions they would like an H-Lab team to work on. We ask potential hosts to detail the skill sets and expertise they believe would be most useful for team members to possess. H-Lab faculty and mentors are available to assist potential host organizations in shaping and defining the project scope for the questionnaire.

In September, H-Lab faculty match host organizations with the best-qualified teams. From September through December, the teams work with their hosts mostly from campus to first finalize the scope and agree on a workplan, and then undertake research, interviews, and analysis. Host organizations and teams build their working relationships through online collaboration and regular conference calls through December. Each team works with an H-Lab faculty mentor, who meets frequently with the team and oversees the team’s progress, both logistically and substantively. The team, however, is in charge of building and managing the relationship with their host.

In January, when MIT classes are not in session, teams work on site, if feasible, at their host organizations’ offices full-time for at least one week, depending on the project design and scope. The teams’ final deliverables include a formal presentation and, more importantly, concrete recommendations that host organizations can begin to use immediately.

Project scope

When selecting their project scope, host organizations can choose from a broad spectrum of health and healthcare challenges, such as operations management, analytics, IT, marketing, organizational dynamics, startup challenges, and other management topics.

H-Lab strongly emphasizes creating concrete analysis as a primary component of the project deliverables—for example, new scheduling procedures, new business models, or improved operational efficiency plans.

Host Organizations’ obligations

Host organizations receive optimal results when the CEO or other senior managers are available to devote focused time and energy to the project and with the H-Lab team, especially while teams are on site. Please make sure that the appropriate leaders will be available to work with and guide the student team.

There is no fee for host organizations to engage an H-Lab team. Host organizations will assume responsibility for team expenses if travel is required outside of the MIT area, for 1) team members’ round-trip coach airfare, and 2) reasonable lodging while they are on site.

If you are interested in becoming a Host Company for H-Lab, please contact the Healthcare Lab faculty with your questions or ideas. Potential host organizations must complete the H-Lab questionnaire on this website. Questionnaires are due by Monday, August 21, 2017.

For a more detailed look at H-Lab, please see the action learning page on the Health Systems Innovation Initiative website.

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