MIT Sloan Action Learning

Information for Students

H-Lab’s components parallel the Think-Act-Reflect architecture of MIT Sloan’s Action Learning model.


  • Healthcare Lab: Introduction to Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.
  • Term: Fall and possibly January Independent Activities Period (IAP) + early February
  • Format: lectures and lab/project
  • First half and second half of term (H1 and H2): Classes covering current topics in U.S. healthcare
  • October and/or IAP: onsite project work and deliverables
  • February: class finale and poster session


  • Four-month team project on student and organization-defined real-world problems
  • Four students per team, on average
  • Organizations and teams negotiate project scope, schedule, and deliverables
  • Teams work remotely with companies from October through December
  • Teams work full-time on site during SIP week in October and/or for up to 15 business days in January during IAP


  • Written case analyses, updates, workplan, research report, presentations, final project report, poster presentation, etc., throughout H1, H2, IAP, and early February
  • Participate in team project posters for Action Learning poster day in February
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