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Over the last decade, healthcare spending in the U.S. has been continuously rising at a rate far exceeding inflation. With over $2.9 trillion last year, healthcare spending currently accounts for more than 17.9% of the national GDP, far exceeding any other developed country. The overspending has not led to superior outcomes, and in fact the U.S. stands behind most other developed countries on providing appropriate access to care as well as many other leading quality indicators.

Our Healthcare Lab (H-Lab) student teams work on complex problems with host organizations in critical areas in healthcare such as operations management, analytics, IT, delivery innovation, strategic marketing, organizational dynamics, and others, with an emphasis on healthcare delivery.

H-Lab teams are generally composed of four MIT graduate students from Sloan and other MIT schools. Teams work for their host organizations on a four-month project engagement; they work remotely from MIT for three months during the fall, and full-time, on site, at their host organizations for one week in October and/or up to three weeks in January. The organizations collaborate with their student teams to define the project scope, develop work plans, and determine the deliverables the teams will create.

H-Lab teams deliver significant, concrete value to their host organizations; of equal importance is the impact of the H-Lab experience on students, who have unprecedented opportunities to apply their leading-edge classroom learning to challenging health and healthcare issues in real time.

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