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    The Dean’s Circle honors our MIT Sloan alumni and friends who choose to make leadership gifts to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund in any given fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

    Why choose to join the Dean’s Circle? In a word – impact.

    Dean's Circle Levels

    Gifts to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund at a Dean’s Circle level help drive deeper inquiry; fuel more innovation; and create new and improved opportunities for MIT Sloan faculty and students to break new ground and live the school’s mission of building a better world.

    Dean’s Circle members are leaders who have decided to take personal responsibility in helping to shape the future we all know is possible.

    Leadership isn’t just what you learned: it’s what you do.

    Dean’s Circle members receive special recognition and benefits as members of MIT Sloan’s vital leadership giving society. Learn about the full scope of impact and access that come with membership in the Dean’s Circle:

  • Maximize the impact of your gift to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund by joining the Dean’s Circle. By making a gift of $2,500 or more, or for recent graduates within the last four years, a gift of $1,000 or more, you will become a member of MIT Sloan’s leadership giving society, the Dean’s Circle, and join other leaders who recognize the importance of underwriting MIT Sloan’s most critical activities with one bottom line in mind: impact.


    Your Dean’s Circle membership gift will provide the school with the flexibility and agility to seize opportunities as they first appear, and create lasting improvements in the world. These Annual Fund gifts can be used at the Dean’s discretion for initiatives that become the most pressing, pivotal, or necessary to the health of organizations and societies globally.


    If you agree the best way to navigate an uncertain future is to first anticipate it—and then shape it, please join us by becoming a Dean’s Circle member.

    For questions about becoming a member of the Dean's Circle, please contact a member of the Annual Giving Team


    For mailing address, information on gifts by cash, check, electronic fund transfers, bank wire transfers, or securities, please visit How to Give.

    By giving to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund at a Dean’s Circle level, you are helping to ensure MIT Sloan’s most critical legacy: more leaders like you. You have greater impact when you become a Dean’s Circle member, and . . . 

    Deans Circle 70%

    Greater Impact = Fellowships
    The best solutions are chosen by merit. So are
    the best students. Dean’s Circle gifts help
    support fellowships, enabling MIT Sloan
    to remain competitive in attracting the
    most uniquely qualified students.

    partner companies

    Greater Impact = Action Learning
    Real world problems are solved – in the real
    world. Gifts made at a Dean’s Circle level help
    sustain this cornerstone of the MIT Sloan
    mens et manus experience, enabling our
    students to partner with organizations
    around the globe to solve business problems.

    Inquiry Discovery Impact

    Greater Impact = Faculty Research
    We can't teach innovation without practicing it,
    too. By joining the Dean's Circle, members
    fuel the groundbreaking research of our
    world-renowned faculty, who are pursuing
    ideas to address some of the world's
    toughest challenges.

    30200 Active Companies

    Greater Impact =
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    We don't know what tomorrow's most influential
    entrepreneurs will do; we just know where they
    will get their start.  Our students come to
    MIT Sloan to initiate change  and are
    wired to problem-solve. Leveraging the rich,
    entrepreneurial MIT Sloan ecosystem, they
    work tirelessly to move ideas from
    early-stage to global impact. Dean's Circle
    members  support this innovation
    pipeline, and our students - the ingenious
    thinkers and doers, striving to build a
    better tomorrow.

    Members of MIT Sloan’s Dean’s Circle represent a community of committed donors, who provide unrestricted, leadership giving to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund. In recognition of the pivotal role these alumni and friends play in supporting the school’s foundational experiences and activities, members of the Dean’s Circle receive benefits that provide greater exposure to faculty, students, senior leadership, and the school’s cutting-edge research as well as opportunities to participate in lifelong learning. Depending upon the level of leadership giving, member benefits range from invitations to special events to access to new faculty books, research briefs, and the Dean’s state of the school updates.


    To learn more about the full scope of benefits that come with a Dean’s Circle membership please visit Dean’s Circle Benefits.


    Q: What is the MIT Sloan Annual Fund?
    A: The MIT Sloan Annual Fund provides the flexible funding that supports many of the school’s foundational programs and initiatives—including student fellowships, faculty research, and Action Learning labs.
    Q: How is the MIT Sloan Annual Fund different from other funding initiatives at MIT Sloan?
    A: While most funding is allocated to specific programs or initiatives, the Annual Fund provides for a critical need: unrestricted funding for innovation, dispersed as needed to any number of crucial priorities. Since certain programs require different levels of funding year-to-year, unrestricted gifts allow MIT Sloan to seize new opportunities, and allocate funds as needed to timely initiatives.
    Q: What are the specific initiatives supported by the MIT Sloan Annual Fund?
    A: The Annual Fund supports initiatives and activities in four key areas: research, education, innovation, and programs. In other words, the indispensable core of MIT Sloan's most important work in and for the world.
    Q: What is the Dean’s Circle?
    A: The Dean's Circle is a leadership giving society, comprised of alumni donors who take it upon themselves to be active participants in advancing the aspirations and mission of MIT Sloan. By giving at a level of $2,500 or more each year, Dean's Circle members are vital in providing the flexible funding needed to support the school's legacy for impact, and enhance the school's global reputation for innovation. In short: joining the Dean's Circle lets donors make an even greater impact with their gifts to MIT Sloan.
    Q: Why should I consider making a gift at the Dean’s Circle level?
    A: Your Dean's Circle-level gift to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund is unrestricted, and directed as needed toward groundbreaking initiatives. This translates to empowering the school's leaders to respond proactively to new ideas and opportunities, as we pursue a mission that's been ours for over a century: improving the world through our work. 
    Q: Do Dean’s Circle members receive special benefits?
    A: Depending on the size of their gift, Dean’s Circle members receive insider access to MIT Sloan community events and exclusive exposure to the research and thought leadership that their giving supports. Benefits range from invitations to special speaker series, to access to faculty and Dean’s Circle-only receptions. To see the full scope of benefits that Dean’s Circle members can receive please visit Dean's Circle Benefits.
    Q: Do I need to give every year at the same level to maintain my status?
    A: In order to remain a member of the Dean’s Circle, you must make a gift of $2,500 or more per year. In fact, the power of a Dean’s Circle gift is magnified by consistent giving, year after year, building your legacy of support. A Dean’s Circle gift can be given either as a single sum, a monthly payment totaling $2,500,as part of a company match (as long as the total is $2,500 and the match from your company comes in within the fiscal year). To find out more about your giving options, please visit: mitsloan.mit.edu/alumni/give.
    To view the 2016-2017 Dean’s Honor Roll, please click here.