Brand Guidelines


Imagery is essential to communicating the spirit, personality, and character of MIT Sloan.

We strongly encourage you to use photos of people rather than buildings, to show that our work is about ideas and the people who make them matter.

Are you looking for new photography? The MIT Sloan Office of Communications maintains a Photo Library for use by the MIT community. For instructions on using the Photo Library and submitting photography, please see the Office of Communications MySloan page.

These are some good things to emphasize when selecting or commissioning photography:

When photographing people:

  • Connection between people
  • Authentic emotion
  • People in action, working
  • People engaged in their work environments

When photographing buildings:

  • Focus on an interesting detail or element versus the entire structure
  • Energy in the space

For even more information, download our guide on how to take great photos for MIT Sloan.