Logos & Tagline

Bringing the MIT Sloan brand to life in a consistent way in all of our visual communications will raise the profile of the school in the world and help to strengthen the brand. Here are some guidelines for applying our logo and color palette to your communications.

Reverse Logo

The new MIT Sloan logo is preferred on a white background, but there may be cases when the logo needs to be presented on a dark background. The reverse logo is used for this purpose.

Single Color Black/White Logo

The single color logo, in either black or white can be used when the full color logo cannot be reproduced. It is ideal for single color printing, etching, stamping, engraving, and embossing.

Horizontal Logo

The horizontal logo is available in full color, reverse, and black and white. It is an excellent option for items (like pens) where the vertical logo doesn’t fit as well.


Logo Usage Guidelines

Always use the supplied logos in their original forms and color variations only. Never alter the logos in any way.

Logo Color Palette

Logo Color Palette

Clear Space

To ensure the integrity of the logo, it is surrounded with a clear space. Do not crowd this clear space with typography, imagery, or any other elements except in approved logo lockups, such as social media profile icons. The following shows the minimum amount of clear space that should surround the logo.

Clear Space

This distance is determined by the logo letter height (x). It is recommended that a distance of 2x is left clear around the logo.

Minimum Size

The recommended minimum size for the MIT Sloan logo is 1 inch. We do not recommend you go smaller than ½ inch. Always maintain the logo’s aspect ratio and the proportions of text elements when scaling. The minimum size for digital is 120px.

Minimum Size

Ideas Made To Matter

Logo and tagline lock-up

When the tagline appears with the primary logo, the two elements together are called the logo and tagline lock-up. This means that they are locked into a specific relationship to one another and form a single unit. The elements may not be rearranged or the relationship altered in any way to change the logo’s graphic integrity.

Ideas-Made to Matter

When using the tagline alone, we suggest you stack and right justify the copy:

Ideas made to Matter Ideas made to Matter


This tagline is only intended for use by the MIT community. It may not be used on non-MIT communications or on items for sale without exclusive permission from MIT. The tagline should never be altered. Only the official tagline should be used in communications. For questions on usage, contact us.