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  • Managing the Science of Data

    Competency in analytics – the ability to ask the right questions, parse large quantities of structured and unstructured data, translate analytic insights into actions and influence key business decisions – is an essential skill needed to be successful within modern organizations. In response to the growing demand from students to dive deeper into analytics and data science, MIT Sloan launched the Business Analytics Certificate, available to all MIT graduate students enrolled in a degree-granting program. 

    The Business Analytics Certificate is the newest certificate offered by MIT Sloan, having been approved after the successful launch of the Master of Business Analytics program. The certificate prepares students for career paths in business analytics across a variety of industries. Students can select from a wide array of electives in their vertical of interest. The classes are completed over a 2-4 semester period, including a number of options for students to learn and practice analytics techniques in operations, finance, marketing, human capital, healthcare, and sustainability.

    The Business Analytics Certificate is open to all MIT masters-level programs (e.g., MBA, EMBA, MFin, Sloan Fellows, LGO, SCM, SDM, TPP, etc.). Students are allowed to pursue more than one certificate (such as Healthcare or Sustainability). Students are allowed a shared elective and a shared action learning project when pursuing more than one certificate.

    Contact the Master of Business Analytics program to learn more.

  • Benefits

    • Receive a Certificate in Business Analytics from MIT Sloan indicating your knowledge of analytic fundamentals.
    • Join a cohort and extended community of passionate and dedicated leaders, with access to alumni at multiple events throughout the year.
    • Tailor your education to your professional goals. 
    • Pursue a “track” like Enterprise Management, Finance, or Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Requirements

    The Business Analytics Certificate requirements can be defined into 3 parts:

    Part 1: Core Requirements

    • Students must take one of the following (12 units each):
      • 15.071: The Analytics Edge
      • 15.774: Analytics of Operations Management
      • 15.680: Machine Learning (when available)
    • 15.TBD Communicating with Data (6 units)
    • 15.TBD Analytics Proseminar (3 units)

    Part 2: Electives

    Students must complete two courses, each from a different group listed below:

    • Marketing: 15.841, 15.570
    • Finance: 15.450, 15.460 
    • Econ: 15.034
    • Operations Management: 15.761, 15.762/63, 15.764, 15.774, 15.777, 15.784
    • Operations Research/Stat: 15.062, 068, 053, 093, 075, 077, 071
    • System Dynamics: 15.872
    • BPS: 15.304, 15.S74, 15.662 

    The core required courses can also qualify as electives if not selected for the core.

    Part 3: Action Learning Elective with Analytics Content

    Students must take one course from the list below:

    • 15.572 Analytics Lab
    • 15.784 Operations Lab (Project with analytics focus)
    • 15.777 Healthcare Lab (Project with analytics focus)

    Other Action Learning courses with a project focused on analytics to be assessed on a case by case basis by the Business Analytics office.  For MFin students, enrolling in a FRP course with analytics focus will satisfy the action learning requirement. For EMBA students, enrolling in GO-Lab or IDEA-Lab with analytics focus will satisfy the action learning requirement.

    Optional Recommended Course:

    15.S60: Computing in Optimization & Statistics (3 units Pass/Fail, taught during IAP only)