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  • Managing the Science of Data

    Competency in analytics – the ability to ask the right questions, parse large quantities of structured and unstructured data, translate analytic insights into actions and influence key business decisions – is an essential skill needed to be successful within modern organizations. In response to the growing demand from students to dive deeper into analytics and data science, MIT Sloan launched the Business Analytics Certificate.

    The Business Analytics Certificate prepares students for career paths in business analytics enabling students to learn and practice analytics techniques in a variety of industries including operations, finance, marketing, human capital, healthcare, and sustainability.


    The Business Analytics Certificate is open to currently enrolled MIT graduate students only. 

    • The Business Analytics Certificate is open to all MIT masters-level programs (e.g., MBA, EMBA, MFin, SFMBA, LGO, SCM, SDM, TPP, etc.).
    • Students are allowed to pursue up to two certificates (such as Healthcare or Sustainability) or one certificate and one track (Enterprise Management, Finance, or Entrepreneurship & Innovation). Students pursuing a second track or certificate can count up to 2 courses toward both a track and a certificate.
    • Students who want to enroll in the Business Analytics Certificate should complete the online enrollment form.

    Contact the Business Analytics office to learn more.


    • Receive a Certificate in Business Analytics from MIT Sloan indicating your knowledge of analytic fundamentals.
    • Join a cohort and extended community of passionate and dedicated leaders, with access to alumni at multiple events throughout the year.
    • Tailor your education to your professional goals.
    • Pursue a “track” like Enterprise Management, Finance, or Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


    To obtain the Certificate, students must complete the 3 Core requirements, 2 electives and 1 Action Learning class with analytics component:


    • Core requirement #1: Students must take one of the following (12 units each):
      • 15.071 (EMBA: 15.727): The Analytics Edge
      • 15.774: Analytics of Operations Management
      • 15.680: Machine Learning (when available)
    • Core requirement #2: 15.286 (EMBA: 15.S72) Communicating with Data (6 units)
    • Core requirement #3: 15.775 Analytics Proseminar (3 units)


    Students must complete two courses, each from a different group listed below:

    • Behavioral and Policy Sciences: 15.304, 15.662, 15.6629, 15.S14
    • Economics: 15.034
    • Finance: 15.450, 15.456, 15.457, 15.458, 15.459, 15.S08
    • Marketing: 15.570, 15.841
    • Operations Management: 15.731, 15.761 (EMBA: 15.734), 15.762/63, 15.764, 15.774, 15.777, 15.778, 15.784
    • Operations Research/Stat: 15.062, 15.068, 15.071 (EMBA 15.727), 15.075, 15.077, 15.093, 15.S56, 15.680*
    • System Dynamics: 15.872 (NOT 15.87), 15.736 (EMBA, only if all technical modeling assignments are completed
    • The core required courses can also qualify as electives if not selected for the core.
    • A thesis or Independent Study focused on analytics can also qualify as an elective. The Business Analytics Office will review the proposal and final deliverable to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Business Analytics Certificate. Please, contact the Business Analytics Office with any questions.
    • Other electives, especially outside of course 15, may be approved. Please, fill out a petition form to have a class reviewed by the Business Analytics office for consideration as an elective.


    Students must take one course from the list below:

    • 15.572 Analytics Lab
    • 15.784 Operations Lab (Project with analytics focus)
    • 15.777 Healthcare Lab (Project with analytics focus)
    • Other Action Learning courses (e.g. E-Lab, S-Lab) with a project focused on analytics can qualify as well.*
    • For MFin students, enrolling in a FRP course with analytics focus will satisfy the action learning requirement.*
    • For EMBA students, enrolling in GO-Lab or IDEA-Lab with analytics focus will satisfy the action learning requirement.*
    • 15.071, 15.774 or 15.570 can be used as substitutes to an Action Learning class with Analytics focus if they are not already counted as Core or Elective class (i.e. cannot double count a class). Project output for 15.570 will need to be submitted for review by filling out the Action Learning Project Submission form. Other classes with significant analytics project component can be considered on a case by case basis by filling out the petition form

    *For a project to qualify for the Certificate, it must involve building predictive (e.g. regression, classification models) or prescriptive (e.g. optimization, inventory models) models. Students can contact the Business Analytics office to determine if and how their project can qualify for the Certificate. They should submit a short document (memo or slides, e.g. appendix or separate section of final deliverable) by filling out the Action Learning Project Submission form upon completion of the project. The document should describe the analytical component of the project, including a description of the analytical problem to be solved, the exploratory data analysis, the model selection, training and testing, and the performance of the model.


    • 15.S60: Computing in Optimization & Statistics (3 units Pass/Fail, taught during IAP only)


    Some classes require programming, usually in R or Julia. To better prepare themselves or to qualify for such classes, students can contact the Business Analytics Office for guidance.