MIT Sloan Health Systems Initiative

Healthcare Lab Students' Poster Session Highlights Innovative, Exciting Projects

The Healthcare Lab students discussed their innovative work at the annual Healthcare Lab Poster Session on January 28, 2022. Similar to last year, COVID restrictions meant that the session was on Zoom, but this also meant that many more people, including project hosts, could attend than if the event were in person.

Healthcare Lab enrolled the highest number of students to date this past term. 54 students formed 15 teams for projects at venues as varied as Biogen, MIT Medical and Boston Medical Center. The learning objectives for the group project are for students to gain insights on real-world healthcare challenges, experience working with senior leaders, and build both hard and soft skills to help organizations move to action.

Several hosts expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the project teams. Many were effusive in their praise: "a remarkable team', one host noted, "that gave us many many insights." A pharma company host said, "They did a fantastic job of taking a complex problem and distilling it down and helping us strategize." Some teams laid out initial steps that could be part of a larger project. A hospital-based host remarked, "We gave them difficult questions based on complex genetics ideas and thinking. It was a great experience and we look forward to building on it." Generally, the Healthcare Lab teams completed challenging projects that were of value both to them and the healthcare leaders who took the time to host them. 

To see the presentation deck of all of the project summaries, please click here.