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Top 3s of 2023 | Our 2023 Impact Report

2023 was such an exciting year for the Sustainability Initiative.

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative 2023 Impact Report

Access our full impact report or check out some of the highlights, below. 
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Aggregate Confusion Project

ACP researchers Florian Berg, Julian Kölbel, and Roberto Rigobon have continued to advance what has become our core message: ESG information is valuable to investors when we can separate the signal from the noise; greater transparency about ESG rating will make this a lot easier. Behind the scenes, we also built new data sets on carbon emissions and ESG reporting that will fuel the next wave of our research and impact.

MIT Climate Pathways Project

The En-ROADS and C-ROADS interactive climate simulators helped advance evidence-based climate change solutions, and the MIT Climate Pathways Project nearly doubled its reach to leaders in the public and private sectors in 2023, including main stage En-ROADS events with Professor John Sterman at ChangeNOW and Andrew (Drew) Jones at the Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust Conference.

Owning Impact Project

The Owning Impact Project was spearheaded by MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative Director Jason Jay, and supported by Jess Daggers, Alex Hannant, Alban Yau as well as  other key collaborators at the TransCap Initiative, TWIST, University of Zurich’s Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth, and MIT Sloan faculty members. The team’s research harnessed the power of systemic investing, exploring how financial capital might be allocated to enable transformative change.

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative Education

We restructured our Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab) into two courses: Business Strategies for a Sustainable Future, focused on teaching fundamental strategies to solve complex environmental and social challenges; and Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab), now solely focused on thesemester-long project. Jason Jay also took a new approach to educational paradigms by using AI like ChatGPT in his Innovating for Impact course.. 

Sustainability Lunch Series 

We had a dynamic year for our Sustainability Lunch Series, welcoming guests to speak on a wide variety of topics like diversity in venture capital, corporate political engagement, the energy transition, the food supply chain, and more, featuring speakers like Kam Redlawsk, Bianca Tylek, and Erin Baumgartner.  

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative Alumni Engagement

Our alumni community continues to inspire us and drive positive change in sustainability. We hosted an alumni panel during 2023 Reunion, welcomed back several alumni to campus as guest speakers during our Sustainability Lunch Series, and hosted alumni events in both NYC and San Francisco.

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative Advisory Board

This group of seasoned professionals provide us guidance on matters of strategy, fundraising, and execution, drawing on their extensive expertise and that of their personal and professional networks. Thank you to Caroline Brown, Kathryn Carlson, Carolyn duPont, Michael Even, Ed Fish, Diana Ganz, Marine Graham, Bill Hilliard, John McEvoy, Ajay Mehta, Cecilia Melin, David Miller, Nicole Obi, Keishin Sasaki, Michael Sonnenfeldt, and Raymond Wood for your dedication and commitment to the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative Advisory Board.

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