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    Entrepreneurial Strategy

    Transformative research on technological innovation.

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    Digital Currencies

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    User Innovation And Open Source

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    Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage

    An evidence-based approach to collaboration among universities, corporations, entrepreneurs, and governments.


    Funding Basic Research

    New support models for breakthrough innovation.

  • For more than 55 years, the MIT Sloan Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management (TIES) Group has addressed the challenges—and realized the promise—of creating products and businesses from scientific research and technological innovation. The group promotes an interdisciplinary approach to the complexities associated with invention, product development, and entrepreneurship. In addition to creating new data and data sets, faculty teach, research, and provide strategic mentorship in product and business development.

    The TIES Group is proud to be an integral part of MIT’s legendary entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition to its critical relationship with the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, the group is associated with the MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program, and many other entrepreneurial-focused groups and programs across campus.

  • PhD Students in the TIES group

    Rigorous, discipline-based research is the hallmark of the MIT Sloan PhD Program. Ph.D. students in the TIES group are scholars who will soon lead in their fields of research—those with outstanding intellectual skills who will carry forward productive research on the complex technological issues that characterize an increasingly competitive and challenging business world.