Faculty & Research

Yanchong (Karen) Zheng

  • Sloan School Career Development Professor
  • Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Yanchong (Karen) Zheng is a Sloan School Career Development Professor and an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Zheng’s research focuses on studying behavioral and information aspects of supply chains through both analytical modeling and empirical investigation. For example, her study of how trust can improve forecast sharing in a supply chain employs a closed-loop methodology by first analyzing the problem using existing theory, then testing existing theory with human subject experiments, and finally developing new theoretical models to analytically capture important behavioral factors missing in the existing models. Her latest research investigates the impact of consumer behavior on a firm’s operational decisions in a retail setting. Zheng is also interested in sustainability issues within operations management, specifically how consumers’ and other external stakeholders’ increasing concerns over health and the environment can affect supply chain strategies.

Zheng holds undergraduate and master’s degrees from Tsinghua University in China and a PhD from Stanford University.