Ezra Zuckerman Sivan

Nanyang Technological University Professor
Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management
Chair MIT Sloan PhD Program


Ezra Zuckerman Sivan

Ezra Zuckerman is the Nanyang Technological University Professor; a Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management; and Chair of the MIT Sloan PhD Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

An economic sociologist with a focus on social network analysis, Zuckerman  studies how social structures of various kinds emerge and influence behavior and key outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations. His current research projects include a study of industry peer networks—exclusive groups of noncompeting peer firms from the same industry that gather on a regular basis to learn from one another’s experiences and to motivate one another to achieve higher performance. 

Zuckerman holds a BA in political science from Columbia University as well as an MA and a PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago.


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Diversity; Entertainment, business of; Market, categorical structures in; Organizational learning; Social networks; Teams