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Ideas Made to Matter

To boost innovation, think ‘around the box’

Mining equipment company Epiroc stays relevant by adding valuable features to existing products.

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Ideas Made to Matter

Innovating in existing markets: 3 lessons from LEGO

LEGO’s journey from market leader to the brink of bankruptcy and back yields valuable insights for companies seeking to revitalize mature products.

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Executive Education

Executive Education Course

Innovating in Existing Markets

There is considerable buzz around disruptive, revolutionary innovation—we’re constantly told we need to do more of it, in every part of our business. But what do you do when you have an existing product in an existing market that is being challenged? How do you revive those products and restart growth? This program is designed to help you innovate around your existing products to make them more compelling, useful, and valuable.

  • Oct 17-18, 2023
  • May 20-21, 2024
  • Oct 15-16, 2024
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Executive Education Course

Mastering Design Thinking

Design thinking is a powerful process of problem solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. From that insight emerges a process for innovation that encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. When design thinking approaches are applied to business, the success rate for innovation improves substantially.

  • Nov 2, 2023-Feb 1, 2024
  • Mar 28-Jun 20, 2024
  • Jan 18-Apr 11, 2024
  • Jun 6-Aug 29, 2024
  • Aug 22-Nov 21, 2024
  • Oct 31, 2024-Jan 30, 2025
  • Mar 27-Jun 26, 2025
  • Jan 16-Apr 17, 2025
  • Jun 12-Sep 11, 2025
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