• Investing in your future

    Tuition and expenses

    Academic Year 2018-2019*

    Tuition $132,500
    Books & Supplies $3,400
    Computer $2,000
    Food $7,067
    Personal (includes medical insurance)  $8,664
    Housing $21,000
    Transportation $3,667
    Travel $1,500
    Total $179,798

    *The tuition figure above is set for the 2018-2019 academic year, but all living expenses are taken from 2017-2018.  There may be a small increase in some or all of those figures. Deposit: $10,000. Due upon acceptance and applied to first semester tuition.

    Most students make one tuition payment before each term (June 1 for Summer, August 1 for Fall, and January 1 for Spring).  Learn more about your payment options here.

    Financial aid

    Upon acceptance into the program, all students intending to apply for loans, including international students, must submit the MIT Graduate Loan Application form (PDF) to MIT Student Financial Services.

    US citizens and permanent residents are also required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Once this information is received, MIT Student Financial Services will determine your loan eligibility and issue a financial aid award letter. After you receive your financial aid award letter, you may select your educational loan providers and apply for loans.

    Domestic students or International Students with a domestic co-signer have an array of loan options, including federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans, while options for International Students with no cosigner are more limited.  

    As mentioned above, the amount you will be authorized to borrow is set by the office of Student Financial Services and should be about the same as the amounts listed above for the student only. If you are relocating with your significant other and/or dependents, your loan limits will not necessarily cover the increased expenses detailed above. Any questions about student funding or loans, please contact Sloan Student Funding, studentfunding.mitsloan@mit.edu.