• Sponsoring a student

    Find your rising star

    Organizations that sponsor MIT Sloan Fellows seek a competitive advantage based on exceptional strategic and operational management. By developing promising leaders with advanced management practices and a broad perspective, your organization will emerge with the executive leadership needed for today’s global economy.

    “As a business program deep in the heart of MIT, the MIT Sloan Fellows program worked for me. I was at Boeing and would later head up Ford. My career was dedicated to developing safe and efficient transportation, and MIT was doing phenomenal work in transportation. MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Program championed lean manufacturing and changed the automobile industry. Leveraging MIT knowledge has been of enormous value to me.”
    Alan Mulally, SF ’82
    United States
    Board of Directors, Google
    Former President & CEO, Ford Motor Company

    Profile of a sponsored candidate

    The MIT Sloan Fellows program attracts leaders who are taking on increasing responsibility. The program is suited for senior managers who are:

    • a key part of her or his organization’s leadership development plan,
    • positioned to lead organizational change,
    • interested in advancing her or his leadership training to complement functional expertise, and
    • confronting growth challenges that require new approaches.

    How can the MIT Sloan Fellows program help meet the future challenges and opportunities of your organization? Do you have individuals in mind who stand out as high performers in your organization and who would excel in the MIT environment? Contact us to discuss your needs, your candidate’s qualifications, and any concerns you might have.