Preparing to Be a World-Class Leader


People are at the heart of every organization. And after you graduate from MIT Sloan, chances are good that much of your success in the business world will hinge on your ability to understand and work with people—whether you’re managing, hiring, developing, evaluating, negotiating with, communicating with, or collaborating with them.

So why not focus on improving your skills at cultivating talent and mastering important aspects of human and social capital development while at MIT Sloan? Courses in work and organization studies are one of our school’s long-standing strengths, and by taking those courses, you will have direct access to renowned faculty who not only teach but also interact with executives and workers while conducting innovative research.

If you’d like to create your own pathway toward expertise in effectively managing people and building strong teams and organizations, it’s not hard to do. You’ve already got a foundation: the Organizational Processes required core course in the first semester of your MBA program. Then add several of our other key courses: 15.662 People and Profits, 15.679 USA Lab, plus one or more of the following classes:

  • 15.669 Strategies for People Analytics
  • 15.S03 Leading the Way
  • 15.304 Being Effective: Power and Influence

Why These Courses

You can find out more about all of these classes in a useful course guide published by the Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative at MIT Sloan and the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER).

Following this pathway will give you a good grounding for successfully leading people and organizations in the 21st century—and will help prepare you for a satisfying and effective management career in the changing world of work.