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    The community of students, faculty, and staff at MIT Sloan are a dynamic and welcoming group, coming together from diverse backgrounds and all corners of the world to teach, learn, and invent the future at MIT Sloan.

    The energy grabs you as soon as you step on campus. It’s impossible to ignore. And since it’s MIT, we’re busy measuring that energy, capturing it, and finding the best way to harness it to impact the world.

    You’ll also notice the informality at MIT. That’s born of mutual respect. Everyone here is exceptional, and everyone assumes that you are, too. The professors you have lunch with know that because you’re at MIT, you have a hand in something both interesting and meaningful. They respect that. If you have questions, they'll help you find the answers, or lead you to someone else who can. And those professors, like most people here, are refreshingly down to earth.

    Ask anyone what makes MIT such a special place, and you’ll inevitably hear about the people here—intelligent, respectful, and imaginative people, who eagerly collaborate toward common goals.


    Working across campus with students and faculty from other disciplines is one of the most exciting opportunities at MIT Sloan. These cross-campus connections often provide the spark that ignites new ideas, new products, and new companies. Cross-disciplinary study and teamwork are built into the structure and culture of both MIT Sloan and MIT.

    Master of Business Analytics students may take classes from departments outside MIT Sloan to pursue their interests and round out their knowledge and skills. MIT Sloan faculty are deeply involved in cross-disciplinary research centers like the MIT Operations Research Center, the MIT Innovation Initiative, the MIT Center for Finance and Policy, and the MIT Leadership Center, as well as many others. Students routinely work together on teams in startup competitions and hackathons.


    A private institution of just under 11,000 students (60 percent graduate students) and about 1,100 faculty, MIT sits on a 168-acre campus along the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s a short walk across the Mass Ave Bridge to the city of Boston. MIT Sloan is located on the Red Line subway in Kendall Square.