• Tuition and Financial Aid

    MIT Sloan matriculates the most promising MBA candidates regardless of financial circumstances. After acceptance, each incoming student begins the three-tiered financial aid process:

    1. Incoming students are automatically considered for fellowships and scholarships awarded by MIT Sloan and other MIT departments or related organizations. For incoming students, these awards are granted after a review process that is independent of your acceptance. Admitted applicants may be eligible for and considered for a variety of different fellowships. The Legatum Fellowship and the MIT Public Service Center Fellowships, which are awarded through their respective organizations, require separate applications

    2. Students may apply for additional sources of financial assistance administered by external foundations and organizations. Some resources to help find these organizations are located here.

    3. Students establish eligibility for federal and private loans in collaboration with MIT Student Financial Services by submitting the Graduate Loan Application (all students) and the FAFSA (domestic students only). If you are interested in private loans, an application with the lender of your choice will also be required. Domestic students or International Students with a domestic co-signer have an array of loan options, while options for International Students with no cosigner are more limited. However, MIT Sloan does guarantee the availability of loan funds for all International students through the MIT Federal Credit Union, with the exception of students from countries on the current OFAC sanctions list

    Tuition and Expenses

    Tuition and expenses for a student for the academic year 2016-2017 are shown below. This student budget represents the standard Cost of Attendance set by Student Financial Services, and it can vary only slightly depending on family size. This figure represents the limit on all forms of financial aid, including scholarships, fellowships and student loans.  Additional living costs may vary widely, depending on your lifestyle, the size of your household, and other personal details.

    Most of our graduate students make one tuition payment before each term (August 1 for Fall and January 1 for spring). Students also can choose the MIT monthly payment plan, which allows them to pay tuition in ten installments over the course of the year. Learn more about your payment options here

    Academic Year 2016-2017

    Tuition and Fees $68,250
    Books and Supplies* $2,200
    Computer* (1st Year Only) $2,000
    Food* $4,894
    Personal (Incl. Medical Insurance)* $5,580
    Housing* $14,850
    Transportation* $2,740
    TOTAL $100,514

    In partnership with MIT’s Student Financial Services, we will guide you through the financial aid and billing process. Most MBA students rely on loans to help them finance their graduate education.  Please feel free to contact Studentfunding.mitsloan@mit.edu with any questions or concerns. 

    Leaders for Global Operations Fellowship

    Students accepted to the joint MBA/Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program may receive generous fellowships funded by MIT industry partners. See the LGO website for more information.