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    MIT Sloan provides extensive resources to help students develop the job search skills and contacts that will enable them to manage their careers for life. During the academic year, the Career Development Office sponsors many programs designed to help students set and achieve career goals.

    MIT Sloan MBA students begin building essential career management skills in their first semester through Career Core, a comprehensive career curriculum delivered in partnership with the faculty. Career Core exposes students to the current job market and specific opportunities for MBAs, while helping them understand the career-planning process. Students learn how to analyze personal strengths, interests, and values in order to effectively market themselves.

    The Career Development Office provides students numerous opportunities to interact with corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and company representatives from all realms of the business world during their time at MIT Sloan. Office staff also work with student clubs to help plan highly interactive group visits, or "career treks", to industry hot spots. Students participate in on-campus recruiting, networking events, and career fairs and have access to personalized advising and alumni contacts. Office staff also holds student seminars to help job seekers polish their persuasive communication, interviewing, and negotiating skills.

    Some career statistics:

    • At MIT Sloan, 60 percent of students typically accept full-time employment through on-campus recruiting, while 40 percent find positions through job postings, alumni contacts, networking events, and other search strategies.
    • MIT Sloan attracts recruiting companies from a broad range of industries including but not limited to consulting, corporate finance, investment banking, technology, energy, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.
    • In an average MIT Sloan class, about 85 percent of students plan to use their degree to change careers.