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    Integrated management practices

    Applying a holistic mindset to solving organizations' most pressing challenges


    Cross-functional learning with applied projects

    Industry lectures, faculty mentors, and diverse teams prepare you to become business leaders.


    Leading large organizations

    Prepare to work in consulting, strategic management, marketing, and operations.


    Put theory into practice, from the start

    First-year MBAs work on company projects and integrate their experience with the EM Track Management Practice Hack-a-thon.


    Join a strong peer and company network

    Current students, a vast alumni network, and extensive list of global companies make up the EM Track community.

  • Enterprise Management at MIT Sloan

    Facilitating holistic thinking

    Using innovative classroom and project-based activities, the Enterprise Management Track of MIT Sloan's MBA program is designed to develop students’ abilities to take a holistic approach to solving the most pressing challenges of today’s businesses. Both coursework and projects will help students to develop their skills in marketing, operations, and strategy and prepare them to be future business leaders with multi-disciplinary perspectives. The track prepares students for careers in large enterprises where such a cross-functional viewpoint is critical.

    The EM Track provides a unique experience: students participating in projects sourced from real companies from day one of their first semester. Lectures, faculty mentors, and MIT Sloan’s signature Action Learning curriculum train students for careers in large organizations in areas such as marketing, operations, strategic management consulting, product development, and innovation management.

    Action learning is a cornerstone of the track, and all students complete the EM Lab in their first semester and the Management Practice Hack-a-Thon in their second semester.

    Special features of the EM Track include networking events to meet leading practitioners, EM track-exclusive dinners with top business leaders, and a speaker series. Students also have the opportunity to learn with a cohort of like-minded classmates through casual dinners and student mentoring days.

    Graduates receive an EM Track certificate in addition to the MBA degree.