• EM Lab

    The Enterprise Management Lab, or EM-Lab, titled “Introduction to Enterprise Management,” is the first Action Learning component of the EM Track and is available only to students studying in the EM Track of the MIT Sloan MBA program.

    The EM-Lab, taken during the fall of a student’s first year, is designed to lay the foundation for the track by developing a student’s abilities to apply integrated management perspectives and practices to real business challenges in large organizations.

    As with all Action Learning initiatives, EM-Lab combines classroom lectures and faculty mentorship with project work for real companies. EM-Lab host companies represent leaders and innovators in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Sample past and current host companies include:

    • Amazon
    • BD
    • BMW
    • Boston Symphony Orchestra
    • Dell
    • Google
    • IDEO
    • Microsoft
    • NPR
    • Philips
    • Proctor & Gamble/Gillette
    • SAP
    • Verizon
    • VMWare

    EM-Lab students work in small teams on tightly scoped projects focused on marketing, operations, and/or strategy for host companies. Though projects may be housed in one of these functional areas, students are encouraged to stretch their thinking beyond their projects’ primary functional domain to develop holistic solutions. The goal of every EM-Lab project is to promote an integrated mindset through which students will address and view business issues.

    EM-Lab project work typically takes place over an eight-week period starting in October. Students receive project descriptions from participating companies and work with their respective clients for several hours per week. The projects culminate with the student teams creating formal presentations for their client companies that feature the teams’ findings and recommendations. In some cases, student teams may be offered summer internships to continue their project work.

    Past EM-Lab projects had extensive impact on the operations, strategy and marketing of their host companies, including these profiled projects from academic year 2016-2017 at SAP and BMW.

    Companies interested in hosting MIT Sloan students for an EM-Lab project should contact Dr. Sharmila C. Chatterjee, Academic Head, EM Track at schatterjee@mit.edu.