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    By drawing on expertise from multiple domains, students can solve problems creatively

    In the EM Track, classroom lectures, faculty mentors, and cross-functional teams promote a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing business issues. The track is highly flexible within the MBA program, allowing students to tailor their coursework to their interests. No more than 50 percent of the MBA credit requirements are necessary to qualify for an EM Track certificate.

    Building upon the broad training provided by the core management requirements, the EM track requires electives in marketing, operations, strategy, and finance to deepen cross-functional expertise. Students choose additional electives from management practices, business analytics, product development and innovation, and global management. A recommended set of electives, linked to specific careers, is intended to guide students and act as a signal to potential employers that the student has completed highly relevant coursework.

    Required courses:

    • 15.830 EM Lab: Intro to Enterprise Management
    • ES.608 SIP Workshop: Management Practice Hackathon
    • 15.761 Intro to Operations Management
    • 15.814 Marketing Innovation (or retired course 15.810 Marketing Management)
    • 15.900 Competitive Strategy
    • 15.401 Managerial Finance OR 15.402 Corporate Finance
      Please note: 15.401 is a pre-requisite for 15.402. Students who have not taken 15.401 may register for 15.402 with the permission of the instructor or by passing the finance waiver exam.
    For a complete list of electives, please refer to the EM Track Audit