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    From the day you step on campus as an MIT Sloan MBA student, you join a community of faculty and alumni dedicated to practical research with applications that challenge the status quo.


    Members of the National Academy of Sciences. A member of the UK Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology and Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. A Nobel Laureate. Current and former advisors to governments, policy makers, and organizations around the world. These are just some of great thinkers who will lead you in provocative classroom discussions, help advise your Action Learning projects, and stand back so you can experiment with management simulations and models. Our faculty create learning environments that are energizing and thoughtfully organized yet open to unforeseen outcomes and discoveries.

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    Flourishing in 90 different countries, our alumni include prominent leaders within business and government. Many are also entrepreneurs: MIT Sloan graduates have founded more than 650 companies. Our alumni consistently open their doors to help current students build connections and uncover opportunities throughout their careers. Whatever your aspirations, you'll find experienced alumni eager to lend their support.

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  • Kathy Lin MBA'15

    Kathy Lin MBA '15

    Citizenship: American
    Recent Location: Lagos, Nigeria
    Undergraduate University: Harvard University
    Degree and Major: B.A. Social Studies ‘08

  • Drew Morales MBA '15


    Citizenship: American
    Recent Location: Boston, MA
    Undergraduate University: University of Texas at Austin ‘06
    Degree and Major: B.A. Plan II Honors, Latin American Studies

  • Ahmed Al-Bahar, MBA '16

    Ahmed Al-Bahar, MBA ‘16

    Citizenship: Kuwait
    Recent Location: Chicago, IL
    Undergraduate University: Florida International University 2009, University of Florida 2010
    Degree and Major: BSc Mechanical Engineering, MSc Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Aura Carolina Castillo, MBA '16

    Aura Carolina Castillo, MBA ‘16

    Citizenship: Colombia
    Recent Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Undergraduate University: Pontifica Universidad Javeriana
    Degree and Major: BS, Industrial Engineering, Master in Supply Chain Management from MIT

  • Carolyn Mansfield duPont MBA '16

    Carolyn Mansfield duPont MBA at MIT Sloan/MPA at Harvard Kennedy School ‘16

    Citizenship: American
    Recent Location: San Francisco, CA
    Undergraduate University: Stanford University ‘08
    Degree and Major: B.A. Environmental Anthropology

  • Eitan Gor, MBA '16

    Eitan Gor, MBA ‘16

    Citizenship: Israel
    Recent Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
    Undergraduate University: Bar-Ilan University
    Degree and Major: BA, Economics and Business

  • Laura Schäffer , MBA '16

    Laura Schäffer , MBA ‘16

    Citizenship: Germany
    Recent Location: Berlin, Germany
    Undergraduate University: University of Hildesheim, Germany, 2011
    Degree and Major: Cultural Studies, Drama and Media

  • Ben Strauss, MBA '16

    Ben Strauss, MBA ‘16

    Citizenship: American
    Recent Location: Astoria, Queens, NY
    Undergraduate University: Tufts ’10
    Degree and Major: Mathematics

  • Erica Zendell, MBA '16

    Erica Zendell, MBA ‘16

    Citizenship: American
    Recent Location: Boston, MA
    Undergraduate University: Princeton University, 2012
    Degree and Major: Comparative Literature, minors in Translation and Intercultural Communication, Chinese, and Latin American Studies