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  • Kathy Lin MBA'15

    Kathy Lin MBA '15

    Citizenship: American

    Recent Location: Lagos, Nigeria
    Undergraduate University: Harvard University
    Degree and Major: B.A. Social Studies ‘08

    Pre-MBA Experiences: After college, I travelled and worked in East Africa—I worked in microfinance in Rwanda and then at a business development NGO in Tanzania. I loved my year in Africa and it got me interested in the field of development. From there I moved to New York and worked as an analyst on the mergers and acquisitions team at UBS. After two years there, I moved back to Africa—this time to Lagos, Nigeria—for another M&A advisory role at Standard Bank. In retrospect, I think about my years in investment banking as a personal anthropological project: I learned a lot about the world of money—how it works, the characters involved and their motivations. And even though it’s not necessarily a world I am eager to return to, it was a good education.

    Summer 2014 Internship: As a recipient of the Sustainability Internship, a program subsidized by the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan, I spent eight weeks at the Environmental Defense Fund conducting research on the ways in which climate change is affecting fishers in the region. I worked out of the Boston office but I travelled extensively throughout New England visiting fisheries and interviewing fishers. Based on that research, I worked closely with EDF’s Spatial and Ecosystem Initiatives Team to develop recommendations for how fishers can diversify their harvest portfolio. We also recommended business practices for how they can be more resilient in the face of a changing ecosystem.

    Post MBA Ambitions: I got my MBA last year and also received the Sustainability Certificate. I am still a student though—I am pursuing a Masters of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School. In terms of my career, I'm still exploring. I find myself drawn to opportunities in sustainability and at the intersection of ethics and capitalism. I know that whatever job I end up in will involve a lot of reading, writing, thinking, and possibly teaching. I want to live my life in a way that is alive, and awake to the world I am in.

    Interests/Hobbies: Buddhism, reading, yoga, swimming, running

    Drew Morales MBA '15

    Drew Morales MBA '15

    Citizenship: American

    Current Location: Boston, MA
    Undergraduate University: University of Texas at Austin ‘06
    Degree and Major: B.A. Plan II Honors, Latin American Studies

    Pre-MBA Experience: After college I worked as an analyst in McKinsey’s Boston office. I spent two years in consulting and then moved on to Dean Foods, which is headquartered in Dallas. I worked there for five years predominately in the corporate strategy group, but I also held roles in product management and operations. When I left, I was managing strategy projects related to the operational aspects of the business, particularly focusing on how we improved the business by focusing on reducing waste, finding new efficiencies, and refining operational practices. That experience in the food industry exposed me to the complexities and the opportunities of sustainability for businesses—I realized: I want to pursue a career in finding solutions that are good for both the long-term business and the environment in which it operates. I applied to business school at MIT Sloan because of its Sustainability Certificate and reputation for innovative thinking.

    Summer 2015 Internship: I spent eight weeks at Conservatorio, the Panamanian real estate development company, where I worked on developing an environmentally and socially conscious distribution plan for local hospitality businesses. The project was based in the historic district of Casco Viejo, where the neighborhood streets are narrow and unable to handle modern traffic flow that a supply chain needs to keep a network of bars, restaurants, and hotels running. My biggest challenge was building a business case for sustainability in a country where the concept was not well understood—I had to really think about how to demonstrate the practicality of sustainability and weave it in to the fabric of the everyday operation.

    Post MBA Career
    : Today I work for a large Boston-based asset management group as an analyst on the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) team. A growing body of research suggests that ESG factors have a quantifiable impact on a company’s long-term performance. Institutional investors—including the team I work on—are increasingly integrating ESG considerations into the investment process in order to assess new risks and opportunities in our portfolio. Additionally, we engage frequently with companies to discuss their ESG practices and how they can continuously improve.

    Interests/Hobbies: I love food and playing outside, so I spend the majority of my free time either cooking something new at home or adventuring in the mountains around New England. I’m also an avid consumer of books and local beer, and I’m (not so) secretly a shamefully big fan of old episodes of The Simpsons.