• The application process

    Before beginning the online application, read the application instructions thoroughly.

    The application process is designed to allow you to introduce yourself and to help us understand how you think, lead and pursue your goals. We are ideally looking for applicants from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

    The most attractive candidates for admission to the MIT Sloan Master of Finance program have a diversity of strengths. The admissions committee looks for a high level of excellence in test scores, grades, communication, leadership, teamwork, innovation and professional experience. Although, the average work experience for our applicants is 0-4 years, an internship or previous work experience in the financial industry has proven helpful.

    Our approach to the application admissions review is comprehensive and each application is evaluated as a whole. No single characteristic in the application is more or less important than any other. We evaluate every application on its own merits, so a rejection in a previous year does not affect your chance for acceptance, should you choose to reapply.