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    The PhD Program is integral to the research of MIT Sloan's world-class faculty. With a reputation as risk-takers who are unafraid to embrace the unconventional, they are engaged in exciting disciplinary and interdisciplinary research that often includes PhD students as key team members.

    Research centers across MIT Sloan and MIT provide a rich setting for collaboration and exploration. In addition to exposure to the faculty, PhD students also learn from one another in a creative, supportive research community.


    Throughout MIT Sloan's history, our professors have devised theories and fields of study that have had a profound impact on management theory and practice.

    From Douglas McGregor's Theory X/Theory Y distinction to Nobel-recognized breakthroughs in finance by Franco Modigliani and in option pricing by Robert Merton and Myron Scholes, MIT Sloan's faculty have been unmatched innovators.

    This legacy of innovative thinking and dedication to research impacts every faculty member and filters down to the students who work beside them. 

  • "Our faculty are always open to new ideas so research topics always involve close collaboration with other institutions and industry partners."

    Sergey Naumov, PhD in Management candidate, System Dynamics group