• Accounting Students

    Inna Lobanova

    Inna Abramova

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Mathematics; M.A. Economics
    Anderson, Sam

    Samuel Anderson

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Accounting; M.A. Accounting

    Baik, Brian

    Brian Baik

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Business Administration; Master of Finance

    Choi, Ki-Soon

    Ki-Soon Choi

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Business Administration; Master of Finance

    de Silva, Tim

    Tim de Silva

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics and Applied Mathematics
    Research Interests: Empirical Asset Pricing, Alpha Generation, Accounting Anomalies, Options, Arbitrage Limits, and Financial Econometrics 

    Kim, Jinhwan

    Jinhwan Kim

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Applied Mathematics and Economics; M.S. Applied Mathematics
    Suzie Noh

    Suzie Noh

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics and Mathematics; Master of Finance
    Georg Rickmann

    Georg Rickmann

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Business Administration; M.S. Finance; 
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    Rachel Yoon

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics; M.S. Business Administration
  • Economic Sociology Students

    Brittany Bond

    Brittany Bond

    Previous Degrees: B.A. International Economics; M.S. Management and Public Policy
    Advisor: Roberto Fernandez

    Carolyn Fu

    Previous Degrees: B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering; M.S. Mechanical Engineering; M.S Engineering and Management

    Laurel Grassin-Drake

    Placement: The Ohio State University
    Previous Degrees: B.A. Art History; M.B.A.; M.A. Religion
    Advisors: Don Lessard, Ezra Zuckerman, Eleanor Westney
    Summer Jackson 2

    Summer Jackson

    Previous Degrees: B.A. International Relations; M.A. International Development
    Research Interests: Organizational Learning in the Public Sector
    Advisor: Katherine Kellogg
    Labuzova, Tatiana

    Tatiana Labuzova

    Previous Degrees: B.A. International Relations; M.A. Economics
    Ethan Poskanzer

    Ethan Poskanzer

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics
    Research Interests: Evaluations, Careers and Labor Markets
    James Riley

    James Riley

    Previous Degrees: B.A. International Relations; M.S. Urbanisation and Development
    Advisors: Susan Silbey, Ezra Zuckerman
    Hagay Volvovsky

    Hagay Volvovsky

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Accounting; LL.M Law
    Research Interests: Social Network Analysis and its Intersection with Contract Theory
    Advisor: Ray Reagans
    Michael Wahlen

    J. Michael Wahlen

    Previous Degrees: B.B.A. Economics; M.S. Economic History

    Simon Friis

    Previous Degree: B.S. Asian Studies
    Advisor: Ezra Zuckerman
    Research Interests: Social Exchange, Tie Formation
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    Ari Galper

    Previous Degree: B.A. Sociology
    Research Interests: Institutional Analysis, Organizational Change, Financialization

  • Finance Students

    Bhowal, Subhendu

    Subhendu Bhowal

    Previous Degrees: Bachelor of Technology; Master of Technology; M.B.A.
    Cole, Allison

    Allison Cole

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics and Mathematics; M.A. Economics
    Research Interests: Household Finance, Behavioral Finance, Financial Inclusion

    Zaki Derna

    Zaki Dernaoui

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Mathematics; M.A. Economics
    Elias, Leonardo

    Leonardo Elias

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Economics; M.S. Economics
    Daniel Elkind

    Daniel Elkind

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics
    Advisor: Andrew Lo
    Thomas Ernst

    Thomas Ernst

    Previous Degree: B.A. Mathematics and Economics


    Valere Fourel

    Previous Degrees: Bachelor of Mathematics; Master of Engineering; M.S. Finance
    Peter Hansen

    Peter Hansen

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Mathematics; M.S. Statistics
    Jaffard, Pierre

    Pierre Jaffard

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Economics and Mathematics, M.A. Economics

    Mazi Kazemi

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics and Mathematics
    Advisors: Hui Chen, Adrien Verdelhan

    Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Macro-Finance

    Olivia Soohae Kim

    Olivia Kim

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics
    Research Interests: Household Finance, Corporate Finance, Labor and Finance
    Fangzhou Lu

    Fangzhou Lu

    Previous Degree: B.S. Finance and Actuarial Science
    Advisor: Jonathan Parker
    Research Interests: Asset Pricing
    Fernando Martins

    Fernando Martins

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Economics; M.S. Finance
    Advisor: Xavier Giroud
    Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation
    Maarten Meeuwis

    Maarten Meeuwis

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Econometrics and Operations Research; M.S. Quantitative Finance; M.Phil. Finance
    Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Macro-Finance

    Alexis Montecinos Bravo

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics; M.S. Economics
    Deborah J. Lucas
    Research Interests:
    Financial Macroeconomics, Empirical Asset Pricing, Industrial Organization

    Olshanskiy, Yura

    Yury Olshanskiy

    Previous Degrees: Specialist Mathematics, M.A. Economics
    Anton Petukhov

    Anton Petukhov

    Previous Degrees: B.S., M.S. Mathematics and Physics; M.A. Economics
    Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics, Market Microstructure

    Sastry, Parinitha

    Parinitha Sastry

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics and Mathematics
    Scott, J.R.

    J.R. Scott

    Previous Degree: B.S. Economics & Mathematics
    Bryan Seegmiller

    Bryan Seegmiller

    Previous Degree: B.S. Economics and Mathematics
    Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics
    Shin, Albert

    Albert Shin

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics and Mathematics
    Jian Sun

    Jian Sun

    Previous Degrees: B.Econ. Economics; M.A. Economics
    Yupeng Wang

    Yupeng Wang

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Information Management and Information Systems; M.A. Finance
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    Maya Bidanda

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Music and Economics
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    Jonathan Jensen

    Previous Degree: B.S. Economics & Mathematics
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    Jiaheng Yu

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics & Mathematics
  • Information Technology Students

    David Holtz

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Physics; M.A. Physics and Astronomy
    Advisor: Sinan Aral
    Research Interests: Online Marketplace Design, Causal Inference, Applied Machine Learning, Social Networks
    Moehring, Alex

    Alex Moehring

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Business Administration; B.A. Economics
    Munyikwa, Zanele

    Zanele Munyikwa

    Previous Degree: B.S. Computer Science

    Daniel Rock

    Previous Degree: B.S. Economics
    Advisor: Erik Brynjolfsson
    Research Interests: Economics of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Intangible Capital, Productivity

    Sebastian Steffen

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics
    Advisors: Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolfsson
    Research Interests: Networks, Economics of Digitization, Econometrics and Machine Learning
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    Michael Zhao

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics; M.A. Economics
  • Institute for Work and Employment Research

    Khan, Mahreen

    Mahreen Khan

    Previous Degrees: S.B. Economics and Management Science; M.S. Applied Economics
    Research Interests: Labor Economics; Institutions; Political Economy
    Will Kimball

    Will Kimball

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics and Political Science
    Alexander Kowalski

    Alex Kowalski

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Journalism; M.C.P. Community and Economic Development
    Mckenna, Claire

    Claire McKenna

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Sociology, M.P.A. Public Policy Analysis
    Minster, Andrew

    Andrew Minster

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics; M.A. Economics
    Christine Riordan

    Christine Riordan

    Previous Degrees: B.S. International Development; B.S. Spanish; M.U.P. Urban Studies and Planning
    Advisors: Thomas Kochan, Paul Osterman
    Research Interests: Employment Relations, Changing Nature of Work, Stratification, Conflict and Conflict Resolution

    Duanyi Yang

    Duanyi Yang

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Economics; M.P.P. Public Policy
    Advisors: Thomas Kochan, Erin Kelly
  • Marketing Students

    Jeremy Z Yang

    Jeremy Z. Yang

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Management and Economics; M.A. Statistics
    Shuyi Yu

    Shuyi Yu

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics, B.S. Statistics; A.M. Statistics
    Advisor: Catherine Tucker
    Zhu, Yuting

    Yuting Zhu

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics; B.S. Math; M.A. Economics

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    Matthew Cashman

    Previous Degree: A.B. Chemistry and Philosophy
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    Marat Ibragimov

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Physics & Mathematics; M.A. Physics & Mathematics; M.A. Economics
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    Madhav Kumar

    Previous Degrees: B.Sc. Physics, M.A. Economics
    Research Interests: Applied Machine Learning, Computational Social Science, NLP, Online Marketplaces

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    Yifei Wang

    Previous Degree: B.A. Business Administration
    Research Interests: Quantitative Marketing 
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    Yunhao Zhang

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics
  • Organization Studies Students

    Vanessa Conzon

    Vanessa Conzon

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics

    Erik Duhaime

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics and Human Biology, M.Phil. Human Evolution
    Advisor: Thomas Malone
    Research Interests: Groups and teams, crowdsourcing, decision making, artificial intelligence, future of work

    Kessinger, Raquel

    Raquel Kessinger

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Political Science; M.B.A. Organizational Effectiveness, Multinational Management, & Operations Information and Decisions
    Jenna Myers

    Jenna Myers

    Previous Degree: B.S. Business Process Management

    Emily Truelove

    Previous Degrees: B.A. English; Ed.M. in Human Development & Psychology
    Advisor: Katherine Kellogg
    Research interest: Changing nature of work inside established firms in a digital context

    Heather Yang

    Heather Yang

    Previous Degree: B.A. Psychology
    Zhang, Alan

    Alan Zhang

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Neuroscience and Healthcare Management; M.S. Customer Analytics
    Research Interests: Visual Technologies, Teams, Future of Work
    Advisor: Wanda Orlikowski

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    James Mellody

    Previous Degree: B.A. Foreign Languages/Literatures
  • System Dynamics Students

    Mahdi Hashemian

    Mahdi Hashemian

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Electrical Engineering; M.S. Management
    Advisor: John Sterman
    James Houghton 2

    James Houghton

    Previous Degree: S.B. Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Lim, TY

    Tse Yang Lim

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Biology; Master of Environmental Management
    Sergey Naumov

    Sergey Naumov

    Previous Degrees: S.M. Engineering and Management, M.S. Mechanical Engineering
    Advisors: John Sterman, Charles Fine, David Keith
    Research Interests: Sustainable & Behavioral Operations Management, Government Policy, Firm Strategy, Autonomous and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

    James Paine

    Previous Degrees: B.S. Chemical Engineering; M.S. Mechanical Engineering; M.B.A. Business Analytics and Marketing
    Research Interests: Behavioral Operations Management, Consumer Product Development, Energy Industry Management, Cost of Product Failure and Product Recall Dynamics
    Sassine, Jad

    Jad Sassine

    Previous Degree: M.S. Applied Mathematics
  • Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Students

    Ankur Chavda

    Previous Degrees: B.S.E. Finance; B.S.E. Computer Science and Engineering; M.S. European Integration and Development
    Advisors: Scott Stern, Pierre Azoulay
    Research Interests: Innovation, Incentives, Strategy, Entrepreneurship
    Caroline Fry

    Caroline Fry

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Natural Sciences Tripos; M.S. Chemistry
    Wesley Greenblatt

    Wesley Greenblatt

    Previous Degrees: B.S. and M.S Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry; M.D. Medical
    Mike Kearney

    Mike Kearney

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Mathematics and Political Science; S.M. Technology and Policy

    Hyejun Kim

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Business; M.S. Business
    Advisors: Ezra Zuckerman, Pierre Azoulay
    Research Interests: Economic Sociology of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    J. Daniel Kim

    Previous Degree: B.A. Applied Math
    Advisors: Pierre Azoulay, Scott Stern, Fiona Murray
    Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Human Capital, M&A
    Jane Wu

    Jane Wu

    Previous Degrees: B.Comm. Management Science; B.A. Environmental Studies
    Advisor: Scott Stern

    Samantha Zyontz

    Previous Degrees: B.A. Economics; M.S. Managerial Economics and Strategy
    Scott Stern, Pierre Azoulay
    Research Interests:
    Innovation Economics, Strategic Management, Intellectual Property

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    Luca Gius

    Previous Degrees: B.Econ. Economics & Business; M.S. Economics
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    Lindsey Raymond

    Previous Degree: B.A. Economics