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  • Yixin Chen

    Yixin Chen

    Research Group: Finance
    Advisors: Jonathan Parker, Leonid Kogan, Hui Chen
    Research Interests: Information Economics, Mutual Funds, Empirical Asset Pricing

    Erik Duhaime 2

    Erik Duhaime

    Research Group: Organization Studies

    Nick Guest

    Research Group: Accounting
    Advisors: S.P. Kothari, Eric So
    Research Interests: Business press, Fundamental analysis, Limits to arbitrage, Quantitative trading strategies, non-GAAP reporting


    Shan Huang

    Research Group: Information Technology
    Advisor: Erik Brynjolfsson

    Arvind Karunakaran

    Arvind Karunakaran

    Research Group: Information Technology
    Advisors: Wanda Orlikwoski, John Van Maanen, Kate Kellogg, JoAnne Yates

    Seung Ki Kwak

    Seung Ki Kwak

    Research Group: Finance

    Minjae Kim

    Research Group: Economic Sociology
    Advisors: Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan, Roberto M. Fernandez, Katherine Kellogg,Oliver Hahl (Carnegie Mellon - Tepper)
    Research Interests: Economic Sociology, Organizational Theory, Strategic Signaling, Evaluation, Confomity and Differentiation

    Jack Liebersohn

    Research Group: Finance
    Advisors: Antoinette Schoar, Jonathan Parker, Jim Poterba
    Research Interests: Banking, Real Estate

    Heidi Packard

    Research Group: Accounting
    Advisor: John Core
    Research Interests: Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance, Disclosure