• Students on the Job Market

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  • Gokce Basbug

    Research Group: Institute for Work and Employment Research
    Advisors: Thomas Kochan, Roberto Fernandez
    Research Interests: Social Networks, Organizational Hiring, Job Search, Unemployment
    Placement: SKK Graduate School of Business

    Tristan Botelho

    Research Group: Economic Sociology
    Advisors: Ezra Zuckerman, Roberto Fernandez, Ray Reagans
    Research Interests: Economic Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Evaluations, Social Networks, Status, Strategy
    Placement: Yale School of Management

    Laurel Grassin-Drake

    Research Group: Economic Sociology, GEM
    Advisors: Don Lessard, Eleanor Westney, Ezra Zuckerman
    Research Interests: economic sociology, organizational theory, global strategy, strategy-as-practice, virtual teams, organizational identity, communication theory
    Placement: Ohio State University

    Joshua Krieger

    Research Group: TIES
    Advisors: Pierre Azoulay, Alessandro Bonatti, Fiona Murray and Scott Stern
    Research Interests: R&D Strategy, Economics of Innovation
    Placement: Harvard Business School

    Leon Valdes Saavedra

    Research Group: Operations Management
    Advisor: Karen Zheng
    Research Interests: Behavioral Operations Management, Socially Responsible Supply Chains, Behavioral and Experimental Economics
    Placement: University of Pittsburgh

    Ben Yost

    Research Group: Accounting
    Advisors: Michelle Hanlon, John Core, Rodrigo Verdi, Eric So
    Research Interests: real effects of taxes and corporate disclosures
    Placement: Boston College