• Congratulations to Those Receiving Degrees in June, September and February!

    MIT Sloan produces top-notch PhDs in management.  Immersed in MIT Sloan's distinctive culture, these upcoming graduates are poised to innovate in management research and education.

  • Santiago Campero

    Research Group: Economic Sociology
    Research Interests: Labor Markets; Status and Reputation; Entrepreneurship; Strategic Human Resource Management
    Advisor: Roberto Fernandez

    Julia DiBenigno

    Research Group: Organization Studies Group
    Research Interests: Organizational and Institutional Change; Cross-Occupational Collaboration; Organizational Ethnography; Sociology of Work and Occupations; Healthcare
    Advisor: Kate Kellogg

    Jae Kyung Ha

    Research Group: Economic Sociology
    Research Interests: Organizational Theory; Economic Sociology; Strategy; Status; Identity and Production of Culture
    Advisor: Ezra Zuckerman

    Abhishek Nagaraj

    Research Group: Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management
    Research Interests: Digitization; Mining and Exploration; Crowdsourcing; Maps and Cartography; Intellectual Property and Copyright
    Advisor: Scott Stern

    Maja Tampe

    Research Group: Institute for Work and Employment Research
    Research Interests: Private governance; organizational studies, sustainability.
    Thesis Advisor: Tom Kochan

    Matt Beane

    Research Group: Information Technology
    Research Interests: Robotics and Organizing
    Advisor: Wanda Orlikowski

    Ozge Karanfil

    Research Group: System Dynamics
    Research Interests: Dynamic Modeling for Policy Analysis, Modeling of Socio-Economic Systems, Systemic Health Policy and Management Problems, Medical Decision Making; Population Screening; Disease Modeling; Simulation as a Learning Tool; Mixed Methods, Validity and Evaluation of Simulation Models; Cancer and Obesity
    Thesis Advisor: John D. Sterman

    Richard Thakor

    Research Group: Finance
    Research Interests: Empirical Corporate Finance, Applied Corporate Finance Theory, Financial Frictions and Investment, Financing Policy, and R&D Financing
    Advisor: Nittai Bergman

    Asaf Bernstein

    Research Group: Finance
    Research Interests: Empirical Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Economic History
    Advisor: Antoinette Schoar

    Winston Wei Dou

    Research Group: Finance
    Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics, International Finance, and their interactions with Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediation
    Advisor: Leonid Kogan