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A Day in the Life of Jocelyn Foulke, SFMBA '24

Jocelyn Foulke, SFMBA '24

Jocelyn Foulke, SFMBA ’24, pivoted to pursue an MIT Sloan Fellows MBA because the one-year program appealed to the former math teacher’s quantitative and analytical sides. But, Foulke was impressed when she discovered the school’s focus on management as a way to improve the world.

“When I arrived on campus and learned more about the Sloan philosophy and met my amazing-yet-humble peers, I felt so lucky and I felt like I had somehow found my way home,” Foulke said.

Foulke started her career as a math teacher at a startup public charter school in Boston. She stayed for 17 years as she moved up to building principal and then eventually became managing director of operations for the network of schools.

Now, Foulke is not only enjoying management classes, but she said she is thrilled to have access to classes across the Institute, such as Energy Systems for Climate Change Mitigation, with Professor Jessika Trancik. After graduation, Foulke’s goal is to work in climate technology.

“I am an operator and a problem-solver and a leader of people. I'm hoping to bring those skills to a small-ish company and help them scale up their impact,” Foulke said.