Course 15: Practical Business Skills to Make Ideas Matter

Established more than 100 years ago to give MIT students a timeless advantage, Course 15 is management education grounded in the scientific method and tested in the world. 

Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with graduate students who bring real-world work experience to the classroom. Participate in class discussions that mimic workplace environments where teams of diverse experience, levels, and expertise work together. Learn from faculty who are leading their fields, and work with them as you hone your own skills and expertise. 

With three majors and three minors–management, business, analytics, and finance–available to MIT undergraduates, find your path and position yourself to lead, in and for the world.

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What Will You Do with a Course 15 Degree?

Course 15 students graduate prepared for both short- and long-term career success in a changing global landscape.

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Meet the Undergraduate Education Staff

Scott Alessandro

Scott Alessandro

  • Senior Director, Undergraduate Programs

    I am the Director of Undergraduate Education, which means I help students get the best education possible at MIT Sloan and help to make sure the curriculum gives them that opportunity.

Rianna Allen-Charles headshot

Rianna Allen-Charles

  • Associate Director, Sloan Undergraduate Programs

Karyn E. Glemaud-Anis

Karyn E. Glemaud-Anis

  • Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs