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With over two decades at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Tara Walor has held multiple roles, each with increasing responsibility, contributing significantly to the growth and development of the school. Currently, Tara serves as the Assistant Dean of Student Services, overseeing five talented teams that profoundly impact the student experience for over 1,800 students across multiple degree programs.

In her role, Tara supervises the following key areas:

Educational Services: Supports the academic infrastructure and registrarial needs of students through course scheduling and bidding, subject evaluations, space management, and more.

Action Learning: Provides strategic and operational support for Sloan's portfolio of project-based courses, a cornerstone of experiential learning at the school.

Student Life: Focuses on enriching students’ lives both inside and out of the classroom by providing extensive programming to promote leadership, community, and wellness.

Student Funding: Offers essential information and resources to help students finance their Sloan education.

Teaching & Learning: Collaborates closely with faculty to support classroom innovation and instruction, ensuring high-quality educational experiences.

Tara’s expertise in operations, strategy, program management, and administration has been pivotal in fostering a thriving academic environment and an engaged student community. Her leadership and dedication have not only enhanced the educational experiences of countless students but have also strengthened MIT Sloan’s reputation as a leading institution in management education. Tara remains committed to advancing the school’s mission by continuously improving student services and promoting an inclusive and dynamic space where everyone feels a sense of belonging.