Letter from the Director

As we look back over the past year, and mark the beginning of the second decade of the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan, we are more certain than ever that this future is possible. We’re optimistic for many reasons. Over the past 11 years, we have institutionalized sustainability as a core part of the MIT Sloan experience—today, nearly 95 percent of all MIT Sloan graduates complete at least one sustainability course. We have supported projects with more than 120 companies, fueling sustainabilityoriented innovation worldwide. We’ve designed an interactive role-playing game that simulates United Nations climate change negotiations and deployed it to more than 30,000 players in more than 54 countries since 2015. We’ve created a new online platform that allows corporate sustainability practitioners, sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs, and impact investors to easily navigate the wide range of sustainability tools available. And we’ve partnered with an increasing number of leaders ready to create positive economic conditions that take into account both the good of humanity and the health of the environment. Simply put, we’re proving that it’s possible to both do good and do well in business.