Jason Jay

Work and Organization Studies Group (WOS)

Jason Jay is Director of the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan. His personal mission is to help people to connect the truth within to the truth outside – to realize a life of meaning and positive impact in an era of profound global challenges. His perspective on sustainability comes from hiking in Boulder, Colorado and the Himalayas; from becoming part of his wife’s family in West Bengal, India; from his teachers and students at MIT; and from being a father and reluctant consumer in the suburbs. Dr. Jay directs the strategy and implementation of the MIT Sloan School’s goals toward including sustainability content in the curriculum for all students, and building a community of innovators for sustainability. He spearheads the Initiative’s fundraising efforts and engagement with industry and policymakers. He co-teaches the flagship course series Strategies for Sustainable Business and Laboratory for Sustainable Business (S-Lab), and teaches executive education programs on sustainability for MIT.  His research examines how people navigate the tension between personal, business, and social goals in sustainability efforts.  

Roberto Rigobon

Applied Economics

Rigobon’s areas of research are international economics, monetary economics, and development economics. In international economics, he focuses on the causes of balance-of-payments crises, financial crises, and the propagation of them across countries—the phenomenon that has been identified in the literature as “contagion.” He has developed econometric techniques to determine the existence of contagion and the extent of it.  He teaches courses on the macroeconomics of sustainability and entrepreneurship.

John Sterman

Operations Management/System Dynamics

John Sterman's research includes systems thinking and organizational learning, computer simulation of corporate strategy and public policy issues, and environmental sustainability.  He has projects underway on communicating about climate change to policy makers and the public, and on creating markets for alternative fuel vehicles.

Senior Associate Director

Bethany Patten


Bethany Patten is the Senior Associate Director of the Sustainability Initiative and Lecturer at MIT Sloan.  

She joined as the Associate Director of the Sustainability Initiative at the MIT Sloan School of Management after completing the Executive MBA program in 2013.  In 2018 she became a Lecturer and Senior Associate Director.  At MIT Sloan, she engages students, alumni, and external collaborators in the mission of the Initiative -- to create a community of innovators for a sustainable future.  In this role, she works on everything from campus sustainability, to Sustainable Urban Revitalization. Prior to attending MIT Sloan, she focused on business and financial operations for the book publishing industry.  Her values are deeply seeded by her parents and grandparents, who taught her to always be respectful of people and the planet. Bethany has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BA in English and Women's Studies from Boston College.

Program Assistant

Dominic Farello

Dominic Farello is the Program Assistant for the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan.  Dominic works behind the scenes for the Initiative engaging with students, and assisting with scheduling and event planning of various projects, such as the Lunch Series and the Action-Learning Sustainability Course “S-Lab.”  His interest in Sustainability stems from a background in political advocacy, and a deep committment to fighting for human rights and broad-based social and economic equality.  Dominic holds a BA in Media Studies from Emerson College where his focus was Political Communication.