Jason Jay

Work and Organization Studies Group (WOS)

Jason Jay teaches courses on leadership and strategy for sustainable business, and gets students and alumni engaged in hands-on projects with leading companies and organizations. Jason is the Director of the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan, and an active leader of sustainability efforts across MIT. His research examines the challenges of leadership for sustainability in companies, communities, and hybrid organizations that combine social and business missions.

John Sterman

Operations Management/System Dynamics

John Sterman's research includes systems thinking and organizational learning, computer simulation of corporate strategy and public policy issues, and environmental sustainability.  He has projects underway on communicating about climate change to policy makers and the public, and on creating markets for alternative fuel vehicles.

Associate Director

Bethany Patten

Bethany Patten is the Associate Director of the Sustainability Initiative.  

She primarily works on strategy development and deployment for the Initiative through student and alum engagement. Bethany comes to the initiative after a 15 year career in business operations for the book publishing industry.  But, her frustration with the antiquated business models that encourage returns and excess waste lead her to pursue alternatives while studying in the Executive MBA program at MIT Sloan.  That, coupled with the values deeply seeded by her conservationist grandparents, motivated her to pursue alternative models of consumption.  As a result, she immersed herself in the Sustainability Community at MIT, leading the 5th Annual MIT Sustainability Summit, as well as efforts to measure and reduce consumption and waste on campus. Through these experiences, she was introduced to the Director of the Initiative  Jason Jay, which lead to her current appointment.  Bethany has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BA in English and Women's Studies from Boston College.

Special Projects Coordinator

Christina Ingersoll

Christina Ingersoll is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan.  Her projects include resource development related to sustainability and she also managed internal monitoring and evaluation systems for the Initiative. In addition to her work with the Sustainability Initiative, she is a researcher on topics of sustainability in agriculture, and has worked with IFPRI, the Sustainable Food Lab, the Agricultural Sustainability Initiative at UC Davis, and currently as the Strategic Systems Integration Coordinator for COSA – the Committee on Sustainability Assessment. Christina completed the MIT Sloan MBA program in 2010 and was the first MBA student to obtain the Sustainability Certificate. Her connection to sustainability began when she was nine years old and first became interested in the human, economic, and environmental systems that intersect in agriculture around the world.

Strategic Marketing Manager

Karen Horwitz

Karen Horwitz is Strategic Marketing Manager for the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan.

Karen leads communication of the Sustainability Initiative’s strategy to alumni, donors, and partners while also supporting student communication efforts. Since joining, she helped define the Initiative’s strategy and led the redesign of the Sustainability Initiative’s website. Karen also works at the MIT Sloan Office of Communications and brings her knowledge of school-wide communication efforts to her work at the Sustainability Initiative. Her interest in sustainability stems from the values passed down from her family: to appreciate what you have, to have compassion for other people and to keep consumption to a minimum. Karen holds an MBA from Boston University and a BA from Wesleyan University.

Program Assistant

Gloria Clark

Gloria Clark is the Program Assistant for the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan.  Gloria works behind the scenes for the Initiative, assisting with scheduling and event planning of various projects, such as the Lunch Series and the Action-Learning Sustainability Course “S-Lab.”  Her interest in Sustainability stems from a broad interest in improving human rights and progressing social standards.  Gloria holds an MA in Theatre from Illinois State University and a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University.