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The Climate Action Simulation: A Climate and Energy Policy Negotiation Game


John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Ellie Johnston, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Juliette N. Rooney-Varga, Elizabeth Sawin, and Lori Siegel


The Climate Action Simulation is a group role playing simulation where participants test out a mix of policies and strategies that could address climate change. In a large group setting, participants play business, civil society, and government leaders representing different sectors that have convened to make commitments that will limit climate change to well below 2 degrees Celsius. Participants discuss, negotiate, and try out possible measures like implementing subsidies, carbon pricing, and energy efficiency technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Proposals are then tested using the En-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator, which provides participants with science-based feedback on their policy and investment proposals. The Climate Action Simulation enables participants to explore the impacts of proposed policies in a way that is consistent with the best available peer-reviewed science but that does not prescribe what should be done.


To enable participants to learn about climate and energy policy in an interactive setting, and explore the dynamics that arise between various stakeholders and economic sectors when addressing climate change. The Climate Action Simulation focuses on the climate impact of energy supply, agriculture, economic consumption, and more. Participants also develop skills in negotiation, presentation, and policy evaluation.


The Climate Action Simulation is designed to take about 3 hours to run, and participants are divided into 6 or 8 groups. To assess policy proposals, participants use the En-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator. En-ROADS and the Climate Action Simulation materials are available in different languages.


climate science, international policy, economics, sustainability, public policy, environmental science and policy, energy technology, alternative energy, energy policy, energy economics, system dynamics, mathematical modeling, and negotiations

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en Español : Energía Mundial: un Juego de Negociación en Política Ambiental y Energética

em Português: Energia Mundial: um Jogo de Negociação de Políticas Sobre Clima e Energia