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The Sanitation Crisis and Social Media: Sanergy in Kenya



At the end of 2015, Medora Brown was focused on crafting a social media strategy with limited resources for the Kenya-based company Sanergy. Founded in 2011 by three MBA students from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Sanergy provided modern sanitation facilities to the country’s urban slums and converted the human waste into a variety of end products including fertilizers sold to Kenyan farmers. Brown joined the Sanergy team in January 2015 with the mandate of creating social media content and choosing the right platforms to enable the company to reach its diverse constituencies, and ensure a positive return on investment.

Learning Objectives

To learn the opportunities and challenges of driving social media strategy for an organization with different brands and stakeholders; design social media strategies to engage target audiences and accomplish specific business goals (goal driven social media); prioritize and make choices on implementing a social media strategy for an organization with limited resources; and, develop and communicate social media measurement plans to an executive audience.

Appropriate for the Following Course(s) 

strategy, communications, and any course on social media

The Sanitation Crisis and Social Media: Sanergy in Kenya 

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