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    MIT students are smart.

    They need a business curriculum that reflects that.
  • MIT students are smart. They need a business curriculum that reflects that. Ours does. At MIT Sloan, we'll challenge you to expand your analytical and quantitative skills. We'll take your technical expertise and teach you to add a managerial focus. You'll do problem sets, but problem sets with a practical purpose. - using business cases, so you will learn not only how to get the answer but how to apply that answer. And we'll take your learning further. We want you to move your ideas into the world. At MIT Sloan, knowing the answers is not enough. You'll learn how to explain and share your answers to get them out into the world and collaborate with others to improve upon them.

    We are MIT Sloan, and we are Course 15. And Course 15 can be a single major concentrating in Business Analytics and Operations Research. A double major with Course 18 (Mathematics) concentrating in Finance. A Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering) wanting to improve her soft skills by minoring in management. A Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) wanting to enhance his analytical skills through a minor in management science. An aspiring entrepreneur who takes a couple of Marketing courses to help her identify her customers. Any MIT student whose parents said he or she should know something about business.

    We are all of these things and more. You'll find Course 15 in our Undergraduate Research Opportunities, Student Clubs, Entrepreneurship Competitions, and Community Luncheons. Our students are as varied as the subjects we offer each year - more than 150 courses in 14 Academic Groups.

    Our students, though, have important things in common. They are smart. They are inventive. They are open to exploring the difficult, and grounded in finding the right solutions. We are Course 15. We are up to the challenge. Are you?

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    Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

    MIT Offers undergraduates the opportunity to conduct meaningful research alongside our world-class faculty. Students can choose to help with established research projects that are already under way or pursue their own new ideas.