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    New Majors and Minors

    15-1: Management
    15-2: Business Analytics
    15-3: Finance

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    15-1: Management

    Ideas changing the world.
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    15-2: Business Analytics

    Moving data to action.
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    15-3: Finance

    Applying finance tools to industry.
  • Registering for Fall 2017 Course 15 Classes

    The Fall 2017 Sloan Course schedule is available in Excel. You can also review the Sloan Course Browser for course descriptions. 

    Registration is open for Sloan undergraduate courses: 15.0111, 15.0791, 15.279, 15.301, 15.310, 15.312, 15.359J, 15.3901, 15.3991, 15.418, 15.4331, 15.4341, 15.4371, 15.501, 15.772, 15.780, and 15.874

    Registration is also open for 15.401, Section A/L01 (MW 10-11:30, E51-149) or Section B/L02 (MW 1-2:30, E51-345), 15.402 A & B, and 15.761 A & B. 

    Seats will be held for undergraduates in all of the courses listed. For courses not listed above, inquire with the instructor or TA about availability.

  • Featured Student Profile: David Afolabi, SB '16

  • A business curriculum made from MIT

    MIT Sloan, Course 15 will bring a business perspective to your technical and quantitative expertise. It's management education grounded in the scientific method and tested in the world. You'll do problem sets with a practical purpose, using business cases to learn not only how to get the answers, but also how to apply your answers.

    Whether you want to single or double major, minor, or take one to a handful of subjects, your Course 15 experience will provide real value and impact.

    In addition to more than 150 courses in 14 academic groups, Course 15 also offers Undergraduate Research Opportunitiesstudent clubsentrepreneurship competitions, and community lunches.

    Even with their varied interests and backgrounds, our students have important commonalities. They are smart. They are inventive. They are open to exploring difficult problems and determined to find the right solutions. Are you Course 15?