15-2 Business Analytics: Minor Requirements

3 Required Subjects

  • Analytics for a Better World15.076 [Institute LAB] (Updated requirement for Fall 2022)

    Optimization15.053 [REST]

    Probability and Statistics: 15.069 or 18.05 or 14.30 [all RESTs]  (Updated requirement for Fall 2022)

Restricted Elective Subjects

Each student must take three full subjects from the approved list of Restricted Electives. At least two of the restricted electives must be Course 15 subjects.

*A full subject is either 9 or 12 units. A half subject is 6 units.

15-2 Elective guide

Declaring a Minor

Minor Application form  Minor Completion form 

Special Note For Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024:

You can choose to either fulfill the updated requirements (listed above) or the previous requirements.  Please contact the Sloan Undergraduate Office (ugeducation [at] sloan.mit.edu) to discuss your specific situation and which option makes the most sense for you. 

OLD Minor Application form