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Frontier markets in Asia ripe for Internet entrepreneurship

Rocket Internet exec identifies countries where e-commerce companies have yet to make a mark.

Despite gains, Latin America faces "old growth problem"

World Bank economist cites social inequality, lack of connectivity as hindrances in the region.

Professor Stephen Ross wins prestigious economic prize

Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics awarded for influential work in financial innovation.

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Expert Insights

Matthew Kressy

Matthew Kressy: MIT fuses design and management in new master’s track

Too many business and engineering decisions are made without design sensibilities.

Andy Yap

Andy Yap: Stress at work and the Goldilocks principle

The optimal level of stress is not too much, not too little, but an amount that’s just right.

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson: A real choice on international trade

Five challenges to putting the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the right track.

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April 3

MIT Africa Innovate Conference

A showcase of ideas in entrepreneurship, finance, health care, energy, and education.

April 10

Digital Economy Conference: London

Join faculty members to learn how technology is transforming business, the economy, and society.

April 16

Veterans Ambassador Day

Visit campus to meet with students and learn about opportunities for veterans at MIT Sloan.


An entrepreneurial approach to teaching

Vinit Sukhija, MBA ’16, says innovative teachers improve results in the classroom.

For space industry startup, everyday mentor wouldn’t do

In former Raytheon CEO, Natalya Brikner finds perfect guide to help her keep satellites in orbit.

Paper on manufacturing tax incentive wins MIT Sloan PhD forum

Becky Lester’s work could inform ongoing policy debate on expansion of the corporate tax break.


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