Action Learning

Action Learning

Where and how to launch 'Bobocabins' in the United States

Bobobox, Indonesia’s largest outdoor accommodations operator, is looking to expand into the United States, one of the world’s most developed lodging markets. To help them decide where and how to launch its high-tech, glamping Bobocabins, the company collaborated with a team of four MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab) students.

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Bringing theory to life

Simply put, Action Learning is learning by doing. Following MIT’s “mens et manus,” or mind and hand philosophy, student teams apply classroom learning to real management opportunities and challenges to become principled, innovative leaders. Through this project work with host organizations, students learn how to work in teams, define and address problems, and reflect on their learning experiences. Though the content of each Action Learning lab or course is unique, these central themes remain the same. 

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