MIT Sloan Action Learning
action learning labs
Action Learning gives you real-world experience from which you can draw, but with safety nets. We have enormous resources to draw on, be it the faculty or our peers.”
James Forsyth, MBA '12
action learning labs
action learning labs
As a former consultant, I can say with certainty that Action Learning takes a semester and teaches you what it takes two or three years to learn in consulting.”
Birju Shah, MBA '12
action learning labs
Through our Action Learning Lab, we were able to learn from each other, from our different industries and cultures. Those are things you can't learn in a book.”
Will Blodgett, MBA '12

Empowerment and Impact

MIT Sloan's Action Learning Labs take the idea of learning-by-doing to a whole new level. These Labs aren't run-of-the-mill practicums; they are a total immersion into MIT Sloan's signature experiential learning model—Think-Act-Reflect.

Action Learning Labs enable students to translate classroom knowledge and theory into practical solutions for real organizations across the globe. The breadth of opportunities provided by a diverse selection of labs allows students to pursue their specific interests and passions—or explore something totally new—while developing and strengthening their problem-solving and leadership capabilities.

Each lab features classroom sessions coupled with a real-world project. At the end of each lab, students take the myriad lessons learned and apply them to other courses and Action Learning projects, as well as to their post-MIT Sloan professional careers.

But Action Learning Lab experiences are much more than the sum of their parts. These experiences are eye opening, career building, and, in some cases, life changing. And the ongoing emphasis on reflection throughout the entire lab process ensures that lessons learned are transformational.

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