Our method of teaching leadership stands apart.

At MIT, leadership is not a person or a position. It's a process of surfacing and solving problems. MIT students’ leadership journeys start with self-awareness and reflection. Students can then better recognize how to identify the right resources to solve complex problems at the individual, the team, and the organizational levels. They learn to seek diverse opinions, manage conflict, and reflect on their experiences.

And true to MIT’s ethos, they test and refine their personalized approach again and again. Our integrated approach combines science-based frameworks, personalized coaching, and practical application to develop highly effective leaders. 

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MIT Leadership Center

Integrated Coaching for Students

Coaching is integrated into our leadership courses. Our coaches help students identify the gaps in their leadership development and set a plan to close those gaps during their time at Sloan.

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Nicki Roth | Executive Coaching Lead, MIT Leadership Center
The MIT Leadership Center helps students understand that their leadership development can't be found in a textbook. It's found by turning inward and learning about themselves.

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We design courses and programs that facilitate students’ leadership development during their time at Sloan, and into their future.

MIT Sloan Executive Education Leadership Courses

Our non-degree executive courses are led by MIT Sloan faculty and provide a targeted and flexible means to futureproof your career.

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