Faculty & Research

Harvey Michaels

  • Lecturer, System Dynamics and Information Technology
  • E62-411
  • (617) 253-2084

Harvey Michaels (hgm@mit.edu)  is a Lecturer at the MIT Sloan school of Management where also held the position of Research Scientist. He is the founder/ceo of two leading energy efficiency and smart grid companies providing analytics and engineering systems/services.

Harvey teaches energy management strategy, and participates in research with MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Climate CoLab, and MIT Energy Initiative. He provided leadership to the formation of MIT’s Efficiency Forward Campus initiative, and serves as an advisor to cities including Boston and Cambridge, as well as Massachusetts utilities on community energy and climate action.

Harvey previously founded two leading energy management companies: Aclara Software which provided the analytics for utility customer efficiency and smart grid; and XENERGY (now DNV-GL) which innovated in efficiency services, financing, resource studies and analysis systems.