System Dynamics

System Dynamics

System Dynamics was born at MIT Sloan in the 1950s and developed by Prof. Emeritus Jay W. Forrester. System Dynamics helps us understand, design, and manage change. Using data and technology, System Dynamics models the relationships between all the parts of a system and how those relationships influence the behavior of the system over time.

Today, System Dynamics is taught around the world and used by corporations, nonprofits, schools, and governments to manage complex challenges in domains from organizational change to climate change, physiology to fiscal policy. Current research at the MIT Sloan System Dynamics Group focuses on organizational capabilities and strategy, process improvement, environmental and social sustainability, climate change policy, alternative fuel vehicles, and global public health.



Learning Edge

LearningEdge is a collection of free case studies and teaching materials for educators, corporations, and students. Created by MIT System Dynamics faculty, LearningEdge offers interactive management simulators to help us better understand society’s most complex challenges.

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